The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

Great article on InfoWorld. As I get more and more acquainted with my new job, meet with customers and learn the business of eCommerce I am seeing this more and more. For instance, Business Architect is clearly a job role that could fill some gaps. It brings me back to my Marine Corp days where each developer on the supply system project (ATLASS) got supply certifications (an additional Military Occupational Specialty). We went through many classes to learn how supply management was done and in the end we were pretty good at the business side. This allowed the developers to truly understand the business needs of the application and in the end it resulted in an amazing application that was used for many years.

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

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Let the poaching begin!

Interesting article on InfoWorld by Ted Samson, has the tide turned for the IT industry in the United States? Sure sounds it from what I read here. I have also noticed many more job opportunities coming my way through the different job boards. That isn’t unusual but the two things I noticed are the longer contracts (1-3 years) and the number of emails coming in. I am not a consultant so just about all of them are spam for my inbox but I think if you look at the opportunities on boards like dice, monster, and careerbuilder the tide has certainly turned.

According to a survey conducted by, 54 percent of hiring managers and recruiters expect organizations to aggressively engage in poaching this year. – link

Need a Lotus Notes Developer in New York, NY!

I got an email today for a position in New York, NY.  Given the latest talk about Lotus Notes developer opportunities in the community I figured I would pass this on:

Duration: 6 months   right to hire

Max rate 48 on W2 or 55 on C2C

Location: New York, NY

Job Description:

5+ years of experience with, Lotus Notes Domino, Lotus Script, Notes formula language, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Notes 8.5 and XPages Comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript, lotus script, html, cascading style sheets (CSS) is required Extensive knowledge in the creation and maintenance of Lotus Notes agents Extensive work experience in creating customized workflow applications Provide programming design architectures Experience in Java development and web services Create and maintain documents for database / application design and test plans Develop work plan detailing tasks Ensure Data Integrity with Lotus Notes applications across the Enterprise Develop, test to test program / system changes Review test data output for program / system modification accuracy Ensure database compliance and security Complete projects in a timely manner Handle multiple projects Work with other Developers, Database Administrators, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Business Analysts in resolving issues and identifying and correcting problems Preferred Skills:   Pluses SQL LEI Notrix Domino.Doc/LDM 6.5.1 Education/Certifications:



nat <at> acsicorp <dot> com

Feast or famine? The IT job outlook | Adventures in IT – InfoWorld

So I went ahead and tested a new feature in WordPress called “Press this” which basically fills in my blog post for me, quoting the selected browser text, filling in the post title and providing a like at the bottom.  Not sure I will use this a lot as I don’t usually regurgitate others content on my blog often unless its something shocking.  I did find this article interesting and his ending statement I believe is very true but I also know there are exceptions out there.

I’m not going to make friends saying this: The jobs are there. Unemployed developers are unemployed for a reason. They haven’t kept their skills current; they haven’t learned to sell themselves well in job interviews; and in some cases they’re simply on the wrong side of the bell curve — people who have chosen the wrong field and wouldn’t make good hires.

Somewhere there’s an MBA student in search of a research topic who could probably go beyond my impressions to provide solid evidence. Until that happens, this is the best answer I have.

via Feast or famine? The IT job outlook | Adventures in IT – InfoWorld.