How the iPhone is made info-graphic

I thought this graphic was very interesting:

My favorite OS X Mavericks feature!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.18.40 AMI did this all the time mixing Google Maps and sending the address to my phone – which I always thought how dumb that was considering everything else was synchronized so nicely between my Mac and iPhone. The new feature in OS X Mavericks lets you find the location and route on your Mac and send it to your device. This is also very cool because my wife and I share the same Apple account and now I can easily send her directions!

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Major security flaw in iOS with Siri!

I actually just tried this and it in fact is a clear bug with Siri. Now anyone who gets a hold of my phone can post bad things on my behalf (ok not entirely true…read on).

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.20.26 PM

The one difference here is if you have a passcode lock on your phone and the timeout has not been reached you can do this. If the passcode time out has been reached then you will not be able to do this. So really the problem is for people that have pranksters around them, if your phone is not completely locked then they can easily post things on your behalf.

Added Note:

After playing around I realized my IBM security policy prevent Siri from being used on a fully locked phone. Unfortunately for iOS 6 users with no corporate security policy installed can’t even disable Siri from working while the phone is locked.  This is really bad, and my wife was shocked when I showed her I could write on her Facebook wall without getting into her phone.

Check out my updated post here.


iOS7 update – one good and one really bad change

apple-logo1I have been using the iOS 7 update for a few days now and outside of the total change in color scheme (which I am not completely sold on yet) there are two things that I have noticed to be worth mentioning:

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Printing from the iPhone and iPad

photo 1

I have waited for this for a while and didn’t think to check the app store for this little app.  No, I am not an apple Airprint guy so I don’t have the native print capability in my iDevices. I have an HP All-in-One printer I bought several years ago. So all of you HP fans who are not aware of this cool application you should think about getting it.  I have already used it a few times for some web printing and got the application installed on my iPhone and iPad. You can connect directly to a Wifi printer or the printer just needs to be on the network your device is attached to.

Just search for “HP ePrint” in the App Store, it’s free!

photo 2

Killer App for iPhone: Group Text!

I am finding more and more I have to use group texting from my iPhone. I have a group of friends, a softball team to coach and a pretty big family. All of these “lists” have to be created manually and since many of my recipients phones don’t support group messaging the “list” gets lost and I have to recreate it. The iPhone also does not let you add people to the message once the original message is sent. I really think this should just be a feature on the iPhone, maybe it will some day.

On to my point, the application “Group Text” is a killer application for me now. It is literally saving me time on a daily basis. I can manage multiple lists, add, delete, etc and even do some things I have not ventured into yet like inserts. You can check out their site to get a list of all the features included.

So why did pick this application over the dozens of other group text applications? Well, it had the most ratings along with the highest ratings. I read a lot of the reviews and I was sold within minutes. Especially after reading the many reviews on the other applications.



FourSquare check-ins versus native applications

I have been playing with FourSquare for about four weeks now as many of my friends have probably seen the check-ins on Facebook and Twitter. I have even gone to the extent to checking out the API behind the scenes and it looks very clean and easy. The basis of the API is REST (REpresentational State Transfer). So integrating other commerce based products, tools, and sites should be a snap.

Not many people in my area are using FourSquare but on a positive note there seem to be more and more people using it even in the past month. I am already a mayor in two places; not sure what that buys me but it felt good.

I used FourSquare to check into a store called Justified; my wife and I were shopping for a birthday present. There were signs all over the store for 40% off. When I checked into FourSquare I received a coupon code “500” and received an additional 40% off! I was thinking, there is no way its 40% off then another 40% off, but that is exactly how it rang up at the register after presenting the coupon from my iPhone. We saved tons of money that day. So much in fact, we got the girl double the amount of gifts because we felt bad it was so inexpensive – she really made out…

Now, on to my point. I really like the concept of check-ins using an application like this. It allows me to use the application to find many kinds of places and see what those places have for specials. For instance, I might be at a Best Buy with a Staples next door, I see on FourSquare that Staples has a coupon or a special by seeing the special indicator in the “Stores nearby”. This immediately lets me know what stores in my physical area have specials and which stores do not. In my mind, this is a huge benefit over stores with specific applications on my iPhone. Stores with their own applications make me go into their application, check-in, and look for specials – once again, very different than seeing a list of stores with specials. So it makes me ask, why go through the trouble of having a native iPhone(mobile) application when services like “check-in” and “coupons” are available on products like GoWalla, FourSquare, Facebook, etc? With HTML 5 you could get a lot accomplished on these devices without having a special native application for your store. Leave check-ins to applications that offer a community, badges, rewards, and a social aspect to the check-in action.


Do you use

I was checking out the site and I think the concept is very cool but I would like to get others opinions on this.  I can easily see myself using my iPhone for audio books when I run or am working out.  I like music but I also like listening to news or sports and was thinking I might enjoy listening to a book. The price looks pretty good, for $150 it looks like you get 12 books.

I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this product or use it with their iPhone or MP3 player.

Netbooks and “pads” are the new Laptop

CDROM – what is that?

That is what the next generation will say in a few years.  There won’t be movie CD’s, Blue Ray will be dead, everything will be “in the cloud”.  The new Apple Store is just another step in this direction.  Companies like NetFlix will go through the roof in stock price because that is all there will be. My kids don’t even ask for CD’s, they want money to buy iTunes cards.  I have already found myself using the “Watch Now” feature on Netflix more than my regular DVD queue.  It’s like I am too lazy to even mail the CD back and forth!  Soon I will be able to buy, watch, etc all from my TV, XBox or “netbook”.  My step daughter has a new netbook, that she got for Christmas and I think its awesome.  Netbooks and “pads” are clearly the future of desktop computing.

So once again, focus your applications for pads and web based technologies!  There are some subtle things you can do to make sure your web apps work great on these new devices.

YouTube, VideoFest, the iPhone and a treadmill

I have to say I love VideoFest!  Since its launch I have actually started doing something that seems to be a no-brainer but I had not done before.  That is, watching YouTube videos on my iPhone while on the treadmill!  Yep, I love it.  I have now done it for almost two weeks and I have watched dozens of videos at this point and have learned a lot.

I have also found that I really like the “raw video” – ie. videos created by normal people describing tips, tricks, or something about a product.  Most seem like they are roughly scripted but for the most part you are hearing it from their heart and their experience.

So if you have an iPod and a treadmill why not stay fit and learn at the same time!