NRF Feedback series, hear what resonated at #NRF2019

The third and final episode has been posted to the play list, it is Day 2, part 2 with four new excellent answers from our partners!

The cast for Day 2, Part 2:

Stacey Trimnel-Richard – VP Global Marketing at Fluent Commerce
David Lebowitz – Business Unit Executive in Watson Customer Engagement at IBM
Julia Bensfield Luce – Head of content marketing at Simplr
Ross Collin – Chief Digital Officer at Cnetric Enterprise Solutions

College hire interviews: Internships, personality, and drive

gpaI recently read the article about Googles position on GPA’s and Brainteasers in interviews. This is really a new college hire interview as a professional interview is vastly different from someone coming right out of college.

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Online Interviews with the industry best

The book I have been blogging a bit about lately has a site with a section under posts where the actual interviews with the industries brightest are posted.  Each  interview is a part of a chapter in the book, I believe Sam will be posting them all eventually.  I think this is an interesting concept and I found the actual recording more interesting than the written interviews in the book because I got to hear their voices.  I do think the textual versions of the interviews are very good in that you can reference them but I really like hearing the voices.  Maybe in the future there will be some sound chip on the page where you can listen to it.  It would be cool if the eBook version had the audio attached to the interview pages – hint Sam…

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