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So I went ahead and tested a new feature in WordPress called “Press this” which basically fills in my blog post for me, quoting the selected browser text, filling in the post title and providing a like at the bottom.  Not sure I will use this a lot as I don’t usually regurgitate others content on my blog often unless its something shocking.  I did find this article interesting and his ending statement I believe is very true but I also know there are exceptions out there.

I’m not going to make friends saying this: The jobs are there. Unemployed developers are unemployed for a reason. They haven’t kept their skills current; they haven’t learned to sell themselves well in job interviews; and in some cases they’re simply on the wrong side of the bell curve — people who have chosen the wrong field and wouldn’t make good hires.

Somewhere there’s an MBA student in search of a research topic who could probably go beyond my impressions to provide solid evidence. Until that happens, this is the best answer I have.

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