plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences

After reading the post from Mich I figured I would add another little hidden gem to the discussion.  While this is not a comprehensive list of what settings can go in that file, it should explain why that list is so elusive.

plugin_customization.ini is actually a file that can be used to set any Eclipse preference on startup.  Given that, the settings that can go in there are basically whatever preferences any plugin sets.  So, do you want to know where those settings are persisted in the client?  In the Notes data directory follow this path:


That directory contains all of the “.prefs” files for each and every plugin – ie. each one of those files is a preference store.  They are readable to the human eye in a text editor so crack one open in your favorite text editor.

Here is how it works;  we will use the preference setting Mich mentions in his post:

The format of the entry is this:     <plugin id> / <setting> = <value>

So if you look for the file “” and open it you will see all of the Eclipse preferences this plugin supports.  Usually these can be controlled by the Application | Preferences panels but some are only set in code.  Just depends if you want users changing them or not.  Here are the contents of that file (

#Fri Aug 27 15:16:57 EDT 2010

One more thing to keep in mind.  Policies can also enforce preferences.  So if you change this file and put a preference that is controlled by Domino Policy it will be changed immediately when you launch the client.