IdeaJam – Lotus Notes should support BlueTooth import

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IdeaJam – Lotus Notes should support BlueTooth import.




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I started seeing a lot of hits coming from and I decided to check out their site. The site is very PlanetLotusesque with some additional interesting features. It is like they mixed some of the principles of PlanetLotus and IdeaJam together. The site is very clean looking and easy to follow. I am not sure how much will this catch on but I like some of the features and may include them on PlanetWebsphere. Check it out, would be interesting to hear others opinions.

Lotus Knows Idea Jam is open for input!

Go ahead and register, post, and vote on the various “Lotus Knows” postings.  You can access the site here.  It looks like there is already over 250 posts and its not even noon eastern!  Take this opportunity to give Lotus your ideas and feedback.

Plug for Lotus Knows IdeaJam

I have a lot of friends and customers who use Lotus Notes and may not be familiar with IdeaJam, so I figured I would plug the IdeaJam for the “Lotus Knows” campaign.

Register for the event here.  There are four categories of topics where you can submit your own ideas for Lotus software.

* “Lotus knows working smarter depends on great technology…”
* “Lotus knows marketing is key to technology adoption…”
* “Lotus knows technology is only great with client success…”
* “Lotus knows the world is getting smaller, flatter and smarter…”

So now everyone can be part of the solution!  You can even follow the Lotus Knows tweets.