Planet Lotus click counts versus WordPress stats and YouTube views?

For the most part the hit counts on PlanetLotus mirror what my statistics say for my posts. There are however three that seem to be a little off. Check out the stats from my WordPress statistics and the click counts from PlanetLotus on these three posts:

My stats:

Content Management Part 2 – scheduling advertisements 29
WebSphere Commerce developer tutorials on InfoCenter 255
Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce 103

PlanetLotus stats:

Another interesting point is the Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce post is also a YouTube video and that has 372 views, almost three times the number of hits as my blog but nowhere close to the PlanetLotus click count.


My two most popular posts this year

It’s not often I get more than a few hundred hits on blog posts. I actually average between 200-400 hits per post but for some reason these two posts have received a lot of views.

The statistics come from, an aggregation site where most of my Lotus brethren follow. What is interesting is the Searchandizing post is really just a video and has nowhere near the video views as the blog post views. My blog actually does not have as many hits as the PlanetLotus post does, meaning the PlanetLotus post is probably getting picked up in search results and they are not clicking through to my site. The bold number on the left is the hit count for the posts:

Planet Lotus Hits

Here are the links to the original posts:


Who are your top referrers?

I check this stuff every so often.

I always find it interesting who are the top referrers for  It looks like most of my hits are from Planet Eclipse, DZone (which is new to me), and Planet Lotus but I also find it interesting how many readers access the feed directly from Google Reader.

# Hits Referrer
1 9198
2 5748
3 2208
4 1700
5 1037
6 710
7 658