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A few weeks ago my youngest son Nathan and I talked about creating a game review blog. I figured this would be a great learning exercise for him and make “gaming” into a positive by applying critical thinking. The idea is he gets a new game on the xBox, Wii, iPad, etc and he has to write a review of the game in a notepad I gave him. So far he loves the idea and has written up some pretty impressive reviews. I do minor edits to his reviews but in general he does most of the writing behind them.

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Why Zynga is rocking the gaming industry

Gaming is a tough business. Throughout the years I have seen many companies come and go or small successful companies get sucked up by the larger companies. One thing I always found interesting about electronic games is they have pretty much┬ácatered┬áto the “young” and now with a segment of gamers in their mid-to-late forties games have a much broader audience but in general not complete.

Zynga on the other hand, has single handedly crossed that 40’s something generation and have now pulled in the retired generation – essentially anyone from 55 and up so it appears. My parents are in their sixties and I have many aunts and uncles in the same range and I am amazed how often they play these games on Facebook. My father says my mother is addicted to Farmville, CityVille and who knows what other “…villes”.

To me this is a game changer in the gaming industry, and it is probably not news to many who follow it. With talks of taking on education and gambling this will definitely spread to all generations. About a month ago Zynga announced their Platform for Play – once again, this is an old proven strategy to get as many developers on board as possible.

Soon after, we will be adding great games from other developers too. — link

Getting more developers on board and having their games be part of the Zynga arsenal has all kinds of growth implications. Just look at mobile applications on the Apple devices and the Android devices. If it wasn’t for the SDK (software development kits) then none of that would be possible.