Is Game Maker Studio a “Game Changer”?

My oldest son and step daughter are taking a game programming course at a local college. We figured it would keep them busy for five half days this summer and who knows they might even learn something and enjoy it. My son has really taken to it so far.

They are using Game Maker by Yo Yo games – who has an impressive list of executives. I checked out the software and its pretty impressive, the video tells a great story – check it out below. The new version will allow compilation to multiple platforms – iPhone, Windows, Mac, iPad, HTML5 and Android – way cool! The development tool supports all kinds of scripting, drag and drop, custom DLL’s and a whole lot more. The platform looks good enough to create some high quality games and can definitely be used by hobbyist.

With export to HTML5, look out Zynga!


Revenge for bad reviews

It does not surprise me if this is true. I have often thought that if I gave a bad review something like that could happen (not that I have a book on Amazon though…) and that is one of the primary reasons I only review things I like or at least attempt to find positives in the things I review.

Freelance reviewer T. Michael Murdock reamed Conduit 2 earlier this month on gaming blog Joystiq, giving the Wii shooter one star out of five. Within a day, several negative reviews sprang up on the listing for Murdock’s book, The Dragon Ruby, which is linked in the writer’s Joystiq byline. Some of the reviews have since been deleted.

Cool HTML5 site

Been plugging around the net and found this neat little site that shows off some really neat games written in HTML5. The site links to a bunch of other sites where the games are hosted. You can quickly see how powerful this technology is.

HTML5Games site


Kids writing games with XNA

Bradley Jones has two great articles for programming XNA (XBox games).  I really like XNA and played with it for quite a while.  I think it is the perfect tool set and framework to get into game programming.  The framework hides a lot of the dirty details with video, sound, and synchronization but also allows you to really dig into the concepts at a fairly low level.  Check out these two articles and when you mix the tooling with other freely available tools like GIMP, Blender, Audacity, and ImageMagick.

Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and XNA Game Studio

Moving Items with Microsoft Visual Studio, XNA Game Studio and A GamePad