Pissed off Penguins

I have been a user and fan of the Blender tool for quite some time. There is a KickStarter project looking for less than $250 to complete the bidding process for the project. If you believe in Open Source and education for the masses then help Kris complete this project. Whether you are a low level developer, artist or just someone who like doing this stuff for a hobby (like me) then this is a great project to learn from.

Donate a $1 or $5 today!


Awesome game for parties!

I went to a Halloween party last night and dressed as Lt Dangle (maybe in another post) and that’s not really the point of this post and played a really fun game.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is throwing a party. I just played it with the kids and the reactions are great.

Playing with Android SDK – Part 2

After getting to know the onTouchEvent() a little better I decided to figure out the coordinate system of the Android graphics system and put in some movement logic. I thought I needed to figure out how to use the velocity tracker in order to do this, which is a very cool class and its a little different approach than other graphics systems I have coded to in the past.  Once I got the concept, I was able to capture where the touch was started and where it ended along with how fast it was.  The key is to coordinate the MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN and the MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE event types.  Once I got the concept of how to use these events the code became much easier and I actually didn’t even end up using the velocity tracker!

Here is a basic system I created to figure out where the touch happened and as the square is dragged across the board I calculate what square the touch is over by highlighting the square in blue.