Gamification for coders, how cool would this be?

After some dialog with Facebook friends I thought it would be entertaining to write this post. Imagine an extension to Eclipse that connects to a leader board where you can see what “badges” coders are awarded through daily coding. While this is just for fun, I actually think this could end up being valuable in the end. Similar to the way people +1 your skills on LinkedIn, this could give anyone a very good idea of your skills.

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It’s snowing at my house and on my site!

I found this neat little winter treat for my WordPress site. Alex Bender created a nice little JQuery plugin (jsnow) to have snowfall on a site that supports JQuery.

Awesome game for parties!

I went to a Halloween party last night and dressed as Lt Dangle (maybe in another post) and that’s not really the point of this post and played a really fun game.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is throwing a party. I just played it with the kids and the reactions are great.

Got the kids into animation!

Today I sat down with my eight year old and showed him a little bit about Blender.  After the first video he immediately took interest and I also showed my two oldest kids the video and pointed them to the YouTube tutorials by Super3Boy and Blender site so they could play around if they wanted.  In the end, Nathan came up with the animation below.  I helped by doing the actual work but he pretty much directed the entire animation – which was cool.  He seemed to have a pretty good interest level.  You can do a Save As on this link if you want to download the blend file.

I love kids!

Coaching flag football last night (5-7 year olds). Started working on the defense and the different positions. One of the new kids (Nicholas) to football was put at line backer and I tell him how he has to follow the ball and get the flag from the person with the ball. I emphasized on “watch the ball!”. The center hikes the ball to the quarterback and Nicholas runs right at the quarterback – almost like a blitz. The quarterback turns around and hands it to the left back – it was a sweep right. Nicholas just stands there looking at the quarterback. After the play I say “Nicholas, what happened? You were supposed to get the flag from the guy with the ball”. The kid looked completely stunned at me and says “yeah but he tricked me and gave the ball to someone else”.

I love it.