iMessage on my Mac stopped working and I fixed it with this…

Can you tell I am on vacation with three blog posts in less than 24 hours?

Anyway, this problem has gone on for about a week for me and since I am on vacation I decided to solve it. After scouring the net and mostly the Apple support site I got some clues about what the problem might be. About a week ago I upgraded my Flash player and I also ran into some KeyChain problems because of my password change. The solution for me was to Block all sites from storing information on this computer in the Flash Player settings:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.28.27 AM


Then I deleted all certificates related to Apple in my Keychain panel.

I am going to play around and turn the Flash Player setting back on because I just can’t believe this is part of the problem. It does make sense that my certificates got corrupted during the password change.

12 Days of commerce: Flash Sales

In this demo I show how you can set up a flash sale in WebSphere Commerce. This mixes date and time driven promotions and web activities. The setup is a sale for a new Nike shirt will happen on Friday from noon to five where the shirt will be 20% off. The advertisement helps on the home page but you could also use remote widgets to advertise on other sites like Facebook and blogs.

Goodbye Flash games, here comes Game Maker Studio!

Over the past few days I have been playing with Game Maker and I am very impressed with the interface and capabilities. I will have to get my hands on Game Maker Studio when it comes out, it promises some amazing features. The paid for version supports 3D games, custom DLL’s and much more; the soon to be released version will allow export to HTML5 – way cool. I have long been a game developer enthusiast starting in the eighties at the age of 11 writing my first game on the Commodore 64 in BASIC and Assembler. Over the years the business side took over and it has been nothing more than a hobby for the past twenty years. I even bought the entire series of Game Programming Gems and read them from front to back. In the mid nineties I bought a product called Click and Create from Corel and it was very cool but the games simply didn’t scale. I have often thought of creating a similar tool to Game Maker for children based on the Eclipse platform – thinking the cross platform custom IDE would work great in this use case (which is probably still a good idea given the Eclipse IDE support).

But I digress!

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HTML5, CSS and Dojo it is

After my last post and a bunch of research over the weekend I have decided to do this next personal project in HTML5, CSS and Dojo versus Flash or Java Applets. Thank you to everyone who responded on Twitter, Facebook and this blog – original post. So don’t be surprised if I start blogging about that project on a regular basis. The client, my wife, is still a bit shady on exactly what she wants so I am sure I will be doing and re-doing again and again. 🙂

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Flash, HTML5, Java, Silverlight – which one would you use?

I am hoping to get some opinions from my readers on which technology to use for an interactive web application that is graphic intensive. Joel asked the same question three years ago and it looks like Flash was the choice then. I am really leaning toward HTML5 or Flash at this point. The main problem with HTML 5 is the tooling and support, once again, Flash seems to have amazing tooling but with a cost.

Now, given that, HTML5 is clearly being pushed into this space and is a major factor in the decision making. Most browsers today support at least Canvas (which is the primary piece needed) and the other CSS3 areas are being incorporated across the browsers slowly.

I got this chart from StatOwl and it clearly shows Flash as being the preferred installed plugin for rich internet content, but it is for “plugins” so HTML5 is not reflected. It also looks like Java is on a slow decline as of late…

You have to admit, Flash is shiny

Today I went through a bunch of tutorials and flows in the WebSphere Commerce Management Center – which just happens to be a Flash application written with OpenLazlo. The application is very responsive and its basically a “rich application” with full drag and drop, copy paste, and context menus all within the browser. Check out the screen shot of the center running in FireFox:

Click to make larger

I was practicing some customer scenarios and learning the different pieces of the Commerce product. Today I played with associations and marketing campaigns. But that’s not what I am blogging about tonight. Continue reading

Will HTML 5 kill Flash and Silverlight?

Very interesting article over at the InfoWorld site.  It has a lot of valid points and I think if something so standard as “HTML” will provide this stuff then it makes me understand why Microsoft is so reluctant to support HTML 5.

“HTML 5, a groundbreaking upgrade to the prominent Web presentation specification, could become a game-changer in Web application development, one that might even make obsolete such plug-in-based rich Internet application (RIA) technologies as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun JavaFX.” – link

JavaFX plugin for Eclipse

I just read on Neil’s blog, they announced a JavaFX plugin for Eclipse at JavaOne.

We also have a large number of templates supplied with the plug-in, to kick-start your JavaFX development in Eclipse. Also I’m hoping soon to provide an import wizard for NetBeans projects so you can easily import any of the other samples and templates provided on the JavaFX site.

It is not out yet but when it hits the streets I will be sure to announce it.  If you have any ambition in helping Java users not use Adobe or MS technologies then you can also help out:

There is much more work to do, and we are hoping to attract community involvement and contributions to improve the plug-in. So how can you contribute? This leads to the other part of the announcement: Sun intends to contribute this work as an official Eclipse project, and we working together now on a project proposal for submission to the EMO. Look out for the proposal soon when it hits