Why the eSpot REST service in WebSphere Commerce is so cool!

ABTestRestRuleWebSphere Commerce comes with a pretty comprehensive set of REST services that are used as integration points with other systems. While this may sound geeky and boring on the surface, imagine cross-channel content that is driven by a precision marketing engine. Watch this video as I show how cool this particular REST service really is.


Finding eSpots in WebSphere Commerce

As a followup to my post “What the heck is an eSpot?“, I created a video where I show how easy it is to use the site preview function in Management Center to find the names of eSpots throughout the site. I also explain how the Aurora starter store automatically defines different eSpot names for all catalog categories, making eSpots unique across your product catalog.

What the heck is an eSpot?

eSpot-SpainNo, I am not talking about a municipality in the comarca of the Pallars Sobirà in Catalonia, Spain. (see here if that’s what you are looking for). However, on that page is actually a really good picture of what an eSpot in the sense of WebSphere Commerce is. Think of a place on a web page, a “spot” if you will, that has a boundary and takes up a rectangle in that page. Just like Espot does in the boundaries of Spain, an eSpot is a piece of real-estate that can be controlled by business rules – which are defined by a business team, not the IT staff. Content like HTML, text, pictures, Flash, product recommendations, category recommendations and pretty much anything else web related can exist there.

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