Want to learn WebSphere Commerce? Check out this new play list

One of my colleagues (thanks Paul V) requested I create a playlist of my videos that could be used for education purposes in a logical order. It is not perfect but I think it is a good start for someone who is just starting to learn WebSphere Commerce.


You can access the play list here.

Videos         Description
1 – 5             Creating Extended Sites
6 – 7             Content Management
8 – 12           Composer and eSpots
13 – 18         Marketing
19 – 23         PIM
23 – 25         Search and SEO
26 – 29         Promotions
30 – 35         Integration
36 – 42         Coremedia Integration Series
43 – 46         General Tips

Why Khan Academy is a great site

If you have a child that is a student at pretty much any level, then you need to check out Khan Academy. Even parents can learn a lot from this site, from basic math to trading stocks – there are over 3000 videos and tutorials to learn from.

I started a couple of weeks ago having my youngest son use Khan Academy to learn and review school subjects and even simply watch things on the site that interest him.  I am sure teachers will have a different opinion about the site but I promise, this site only supplements what our teachers do, and in fact I think the content of the site should be part of the in-school curriculum or at least as assignments.

So why is Khan Academy so awesome you ask?

I have been watching my sons progress on the site and had an interesting observation when looking at one of the areas he studied on the site. The topic was number lines.  You know, those lines that go from -10 to 0 then to +10:


Khan allows for “teachers” to track the progress of a student, look at their daily activity, and even guide them in their learning adventure. After my son did the section on “Number Line 3” I saw this interesting switch in his proficiency.

This graph shows each question in the evaluation, the score, and the time it took the student to answer the question. A couple of things, it looks like he got almost half of the questions wrong in the beginning. I saw he was having a problem with it and assisted, even showed him he can watch the video for the subject in the lower right.  He now knows to watch the video when he is having a hard time. Once he understood numbers decrease to the left and increase to the right he aced the rest of the questions. The site even offers “hints” for each question. What I really liked about the questions were you had to read them carefully. Here is an example of one of the questions:

I am excited and look forward to watching my sons progress through the content of this site!

Online webinars from Lotus Education

Read Ed’s post about the up and coming Lotus Education webinars and the agenda’s look great.  I saw the XPages and Composite Applications sessions at Lotusphere and I am sure the webinar’s will be more than worth the cost of these sessions.   Interestingly, Hunters course outline looks very similar to the labs I am giving at Germany later this week.  I think showing how to integrate Java, SWT, XPages and container components into a single application will be some good education for many.

STM01 — Demystifying Sametime 8.5 Webinar
When : Thursday March 25th, 11am — 2:30pm EST
Speakers : Wes Morgan, Michael Herring, Frank Altenburg
Price: $249.USD

D8M02 — Creating Xpages Application in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.x Webinar
When : Wednesday April 28th, 11am — 1:00pm EST
Speakers : Martin Donnelley & Tony McGuckin
Price: $149.USD

D8M01 — Building Composite Applications in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1 Webinar
When : Thursday April 15th, 11am — 2pm EST
Speakers : Hunter Medney
Price: $149.USD

D8M03 — Upgrading to IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5.1 Webinar
When : Thursday April 29th, 11am — 3pm EST
Speakers — Tim Speed, Joseph Andersen, Barry Rosen
Price: $249.USD