5 Experts give us 12 tips for optimizing your IBM WebSphere Commerce Site


Our friends over at Dynatrace just published an ebook giving us 12 tips for optimizing your IBM WebSphere Commerce site from five experts. I really like the style of this ebook because it gives you some concrete tips and also references some of the experts blog posts. Just knowing these experts in the eCommerce field is worth having a look at some of these great tips. Check out the title and author of the tips below and then go register for the ebook here.

  1. Tune for success and failure – Andres Voldman
  2. Tune for cache entry size – Andres Voldman
  3. Use recommended configuration to start – Andres Voldman
  4. Cache at all levels – Kevin Yu
  5. Set your performance test strategy – Charek Chen
  6. Tailor facet filtering to most common user flows – Daniel Dunn
  7. Improve search relevancy – Daniel Dunn
  8. Use advanced merchandising techniques to move inventory faster – Daniel Dunn
  9. Monitor each customer’s experience – Brian Wilson
  10. Use realistic data sets for testing – Brian Wilson
  11. Set the performance baseline – Brian Wilson
  12. Track performance metrics down the conversion funnel – Brian Wilson

The paper ends with some great links to some webinar replays, some recommending readings and a blog roll.