What is SugarCRM anyway???

About a month before I left my old team I was potentially going to be assigned to work on the SugarCRM application integration within IBM so I got to spend a little time analyzing the package. Sugar is an open source customer relationship manager software package that basically competes with a few of the big boys – like Saleforce.com. The really cool thing about this software is it has a pretty good community around it and has all kinds of plugins and extensions available. You can even deploy it internally or host it in the cloud – one thing I think sets it apart from SalesForce. Your data will be internal and safe. So now lets dive on the code!

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Coding in the cloud is everywhere

As you might have been reading on this blog I created the site PlanetWebSphere.net and the site is based on Drupal 7. The exercise was for me to learn Drupal. What I really didn’t go into was how easy this site was to produce and how it was produced. In Drupal they introduced a concept call Views where you can create basically any block with text, html, or PHP. In PHP mode you have total access to the entire Drupal API including things like module, hooks, and database API’s. The screen shot on the right is actually a custom content view where you can simply write any PHP.That is the exact code I wrote for the left panel of “Feeds”.

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I created this PlanetWebSphere.net in under 2 hours

Yesterday I posted an announcement for PlanetWebSphere.net. What I didn’t mention is I thought about the idea the night before, lost a lot of sleep and woke up at 5:30am and cranked it out.

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