Introduction to the Notes Document Container

Ashok Mammen has published a great introductory article to the new Notes Document Container in Notes 8.5.1.  The great thing about this container – like all of the others – is you can completely define the inputs and outputs right within CAE and not have to use WSDL or Designer.  There are also some special settings that give this container some niceties due to its nature.  For instance, you can tell the application how the view and perspective should be reset when a document is closed or sent.

Referenced Article is here.

Creating better looking client applications in Notes 8.5.1

As demonstrated in this article, you can use the “” setting to have documents opened within a composite application page.  This setting is a very powerful setting and many use cases can be achieved with it in composite applications.  Now with the introduction of the Notes Document container in Notes 8.5.1 you can also use this setting and completely do your wiring to/from your Notes documents from within CAE.  Keep in mind, this setting does work with Notes 8.5 – so you can do a lot of this today.  The setting is set in the Advanced Properties dialog for the component:

The concept is simple – you define a page in the composite application with the same name as the alias for the form you want to open it in. Put “” in the Notes Document containers Advanced Settings and that component now becomes the place where documents are opened.  This allows your document to be opened with other components (whether they be web, Notes, Xpages, or Java components) on the page and have these components wired together.  With the introduction to side shelf wiring in 8.5.1 your document can also drive what content is shown in the side shelf.


With the ability to have your views and outlines use the Java rendering, this should give you a lot more options on how you can have your databases structured in Notes 8.5.1.

Using the Notes Document Container – Side by Side Editing use case

The Notes Document container allows you to use documents in your composites.  This is a new feature in Notes 8.5.1 and an article showing one of the many use cases for this container was posted on the CA wiki.  The concept of the document container is to easy get data into and out of Notes fields – whether it is in read only mode or edit mode and share that data with other components.  This article is the first, and most basic, use cases but also shows how you can manage the life cycle of the document component.

Referenced article is here.