What are your thoughts on Worklight?

worklightI have been playing with Worklight over the past several weeks and its definitely a very cool platform to do your development on for web and devices. I am really interested to hear some real world experiences around creating applications based on Worklight. If you care to share them here I would appreciate your feedback. Or if you have a review on your own blog or know of one please share!


Target Management – must have project for developers

Target Management

This is a must have Eclipse project for anyone who uses Eclipse as their integrated development environment. I use this project exclusively for many of my projects that are on remote servers. The project has many options for synchronizing or connecting your development environment to a remote system. It is perfect for web based development. For instance, I use this with the PHP (PDT) installation of Eclipse and I use it to push and update source files to the remote site. You can also connect to many different kinds of back-ends, check out the screen shot for the list of options available. I really like the fact you can import a remote source folder into your project and synchronize it with the server, it’s great for PHP development.

The Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services.
Our main offering is the Remote System Explorer (RSE), which is also part of the Eclipse Indigo coordinated release train. It integrates any sort of heterogeneous remote resources under a single, consistent UI and allows transparent working on remote computers just like the local one. For Indigo, it provides access to remote file systems for other projects to consume via the Eclipse Filesystem (EFS). — link

Is the battle of the future with Orion?

Orion is a constellation located on the celestial equator that you can easily see from the Northern hemisphere.

It is also an awesome Eclipse project that just opened up its own blog so you can follow the news for the project. I eluded to the Domino Designer being a 100% web based developer tool before and as Orion matures it is becoming more and more possible. Could Designer on the cloud let Lotus developers compete with the likes of salesforce.com? I don’t know but the concepts of web based development or even web based rich applications is becoming more real today then ever before.

Orion is a proposed new open source project under the Eclipse top-level project. The project is currently in the Pre-Proposal phase. To facilitate gathering of a community for this new project, an initial code contribution has been made within the E4 incubator.

Continuous Integration with Hudson

I was doing my casual nightly reading and stumbled across Hudson.  Continuous integration is something I am very familiar with.  My early years at Iris Associates were the test automation lead for Lotus Notes/Domino.  We essentially built an internal tool that is very similar to Hudson.  We used a combination of cross platform C/C++, Lotus Notes, Lotus Script and Java in the entire architecture.  It was a pretty robust and complex system and much of it is still in use today for automation testing of the product.  Our tools helped developers test code in side packs and quickly find regressions with thousands of unit tests.  People who do not work on very large teams or with a large source base may not appreciate such a test tool.  The problem with Lotus Notes/Domino is it is a very mature product that runs on many platforms so a single change in one low level area could have mass impacts or even worse, a subtle impact in some obtuse area that is rarely visited.  This is why a product like Hudson is needed for these kinds of projects – and in my mind, for all projects.  It is no secret that test driven development is a key success factor for many products today.  So if you are not at this level then you should check out Hudson, it looks very promising.

Using FireBug to speed up your site

I have been really diving on my site, making tweaks and optimizations and some minor cosmetic changes.  One tool that I have been using to speed up my site is Firebug.  The optimizations this great tool points out can be found under the “Page Speed” tab of the Firebug user interface.  You can systematically go down each item found and fix them; some are more valuable than others but the point is the way the tool works is very slick.  You can even compare your site score to some more popular sites to see how well you are doing.  One thing I may play with is compiling my JavaScript and other files.  From the screen shot below it looks like I can change some cache timeout settings to further speed my site up!


Lotus Developers should follow PlanetEclipse

Planet Eclipse is the go to place to get first hand information from the vast Eclipse community.  You can learn the direction of Eclipse and how it affects Lotus Notes going forward.  You can also learn a lot of tips and tricks you would not normally get in product documentation.  I know many on the Loti are diving deep with Eclipse but I think there is a lot more  potential and opportunities for business partners and companies if they put some attention to PlanetEclipse.