Eclipse survey, make sure you participate!

Ian posted a blog entry on the up and coming Eclipse survey. This is an annual survey that everyone in the Eclipse community should participate in. So anyone using or writing to Eclipse IDE, Domino Designer, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, IBM Sales Center, Lotus Expeditor (you get the point) should participate in.

A draft of the survey is available. Feel free to fill-out the survey but your answers will be deleted before we launch the official survey.  If you have any suggestions for new questions, missing options or general editorial comments, please let me know via comments here or e-mail (ian at eclipse dot org) — link


Is the battle of the future with Orion?

Orion is a constellation located on the celestial equator that you can easily see from the Northern hemisphere.

It is also an awesome Eclipse project that just opened up its own blog so you can follow the news for the project. I eluded to the Domino Designer being a 100% web based developer tool before and as Orion matures it is becoming more and more possible. Could Designer on the cloud let Lotus developers compete with the likes of I don’t know but the concepts of web based development or even web based rich applications is becoming more real today then ever before.

Orion is a proposed new open source project under the Eclipse top-level project. The project is currently in the Pre-Proposal phase. To facilitate gathering of a community for this new project, an initial code contribution has been made within the E4 incubator.

Is there a web based Domino Designer in our future?

Would be interesting…link.

“Orion is essentially an effort to move software development to the Web as a Web experience,” Mike Milinkovich said.

Make your existing NSF a composite

I figured I would post this since it was asked many times in the Meet the Developer Lab down at Lotusphere.  I will also, as promised, be posting some tutorials about the applications shown in AD202.

So you have an existing NSF and you want to make it a composite for any number of reasons.  Mostly, I had heard were to get Eclipse views, Java views, or XPage components next to their existing NSF based components or putting XPage components in the side bar.  It is actually a lot simpler than you may think.  The first thing to do is open the database in Designer and look for the “Composite Applications” entry in the designer elements tree.  You will then double click on “Applications“:


You will then get to choose a name for your composite and save it off.  That is it!


You now have a composite inside the NSF.  If you want to edit the layout and add pages and components to the composite you will need to edit it in the Composite Application Editor (CAE).  The CAE is an optional installation when  Lotus Notes is installed, this will need to be installed on the system in order for you to edit it.

You then have to change the launch settings for the NSF.  This can be done in the database properties right from within Designer.  Here you can see in the Application Properties in the Launch tab we simply set the launch type to be “Launch as a composite application“:


The database now opens directly to the “Blank Page” when opened from the Notes client.  If CAE is installed you then select “Actions | Edit Application” from the top menu in the Notes client.


From here you can use the CAE to lay out your application.

If you want some great tutorials look at the Composite Application Wiki to get started, Tutorials.