The power of the dataload utility – loading data into any table

I read a great article that shows how easy it is to configure the WebSphere Commerce dataload utility to load data into any table. In this case it is a custom table and Pradeep walks you through the configuration of the utility. Check out his article today:

Websphere Commerce: Dataload for Custom Table by Pradeep Batchu

If you want a primer on what the dataload utility is you can watch my Youtube video:

Data Load Utility in WebSphere Commerce

This is not a very sexy topic but I think it is important to many people who integrate WebSphere Commerce with other systems or do mass data loads. This video is not one of my normal videos in that I do show some slides up front but I end with some live demonstration. This presentation was actually designed for a customer and I generalized it for broader consumption. I do read a few of the slides but hopefully if you are interested in this utility you will have a basic understanding once you have watched it.

Really the goal of the video was to show how flexible the utility is and how you can use comma delimited files (CSV’s) for the import format. This makes editing files very easy because you can do it in a spreadsheet application – which many eCommerce product managers still do today.