Experiential Commerce is the future

katieFor those that saw the GreenWheels demonstration and the many sessions at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit this year you saw a very common theme – content, community, and commerce integrated into a seamless experience for the customer.

Social is changing everything in our lives, including the online shopping experience. Brands are looking for better ways to “connect” with their customers and offer more than just the flashy product catalog or the marketing cross-sells and up-sells to entice you to buy more. Brands are looking to “connect” with their customer by enabling them to have a dialog with like-minded shoppers. Tools like Pinterest and Instagram are changing the referral landscape and are proving that a brands name certainly extends way beyond their primary site. But guess what? All brands get that for free, so how do you distinguish your brand?

A growing trend is simply content and community seamlessly merged with a shopping experience. Through communities, articles, blogs, wiki’s, videos, and even forums, brands are taking a lot of this in-house and including this directly into their shopping experience. We saw in our story of Katie how she used the GreenWheels mobile application to join a community, sign up for a ride, and even buy a new bike from a local store. Katie was able to feel like she was part of something bigger – a community within the brand that she could share, engage, and even shop in a single application experience.

These scenarios are all about content. Educating and informing the shopper through style guides, how to articles and videos, and most of all connect them with other shoppers. It is no secret I have worked with CoreMedia over the past many months and they have recently published a very nice white paper “Bringing Content and Commerce Together“. I urge you to check this paper out and re-invent your brand today.

CoreMedia Part IV – Scheduling our promotion banner

We continue our video series for the CoreMedia integration with WebSphere Commerce. In this video I show how you can place the previously created Kids Promotion Banner on our home page and then schedule it to show during the month of December.

You can learn more about CoreMedia and their LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce at their site, click here.

Creating a banner with CoreMedia Content Management System

In this next video in the series, I show how easy it is to create a banner using CoreMedia. CoreMedia allows you to define the proper cropping for the different aspect ratios the banner could be displayed in. I also show how easy it is to create a text overlay and link it to our kids micro site.

You can learn more about CoreMedia and their LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce at their site, click here.


Coremedia plus WebSphere Commerce – an excellent integration story

header-logoI happen to be engaged with a customer where we will be teaming up with Coremedia for some pretty amazing content management integration with WebSphere Commerce. Coremedia has been around for over 15 years and has a pretty large presence in Europe. Based out of Germany, Coremedia is starting to make grounds in the United States – see the video below for more information on that and make sure you check out their WebSphere Commerce page on their site for some key differentiation they bring to the table.

Some key bullets from their integration benefits page:

  • Drive traffic with engaging experiences across all phases of the customer lifecycle
  • Increase impact of product pages
  • Provide marketing with direct and detailed control of customer experiences
  • Use images and videos to  increase relevance and impact
  • Reinforce brand personality and unify brand identity across multiple channels
  • Enrich or substitute product catalog information
  • Increase awareness, influence, trust, participation and loyalty
  • Multi-channel experience management improves content reuse and expand brand reach
  • Provide competitive differentiation

Check out this video with industry analyst Seth Gottlieb.

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Opinion: Non-relevant promoted content on social networks is BAD.

promotedtweetsYou are on your favorite social site and you search for something. The results come back and guess what? The top result has nothing to do with your search term nor does it even contain your search term.

In this scenario I searched for “IBM” on Twitter and it gave the “Top people” which was good, it was two IBM accounts. But then look at the first entry in the “Top Tweets” section. It’s a CISCO promoted tweet from two months ago and IBM is not even a word in the tweet or the content!  I don’t know about you but this is very annoying to me. I know Twitter has to make money and CISCO and IBM are technology companies but really? What is even more interesting is if I search IBM many times I see totally different CISCO promotions.

So then I got thinking, maybe Twitter is using some kind of analytic engine to actually associate a CISCO tweet with IBM?  Clearly it can’t be completely random, right? Is there no IBM partner or promoted IBM content that would surely show on Twitter before a CISCO tweet?  Did CISCO purchase the promoted rights to the search term “IBM”?

Content Management Part 2 – scheduling advertisements

In this video I show the association between files, attachments, content and web activities. I then show how they are all associated in the tooling and explain how you schedule the content for the live store front.


4th Annual 2010 Lillian Trinkaus Pie Baking Contest Winners!

Yep, you are reading it correctly. Kim and I won the 4th Annual 2010 Lillian Trinkaus Pie Baking Contest with our traditional Banana Cream Pie. After coming in second for the best filling we were not sure if we could win the overall best pie but as the votes were read it was clear we were going to win. Kim and I were shocked but I can say our test pie and feedback from our kids really paid off. The final pie was excellent and it looks like the voters thought so also.

Lillian Trinkaus was my Grandmother and Godmother, I know she would be proud. She taught her daughters, including my mother how to bake, and my mom taught me everything I know about interior food preparation. Thanks Mom! And I can not thank Kim enough, thanks Baby!

Maybe I will post a picture of us and the trophy soon…stay tuned…