Your options for “owning the glass” in an online eCommerce site

Online retail sites are changing drastically. I have observed many sites moving to a cinematic or experiential experience with their online eCommerce sites. So what does “owning the glass” even mean? Owning the glass means the piece of technology is responsible for defining the experience and then serving up the experience. In general, there are usually two to three servers in play here:

  • Commerce Server (CS) – provides layouts, pages, navigation, catalog, search, shopping cart, promotions, pricing
  • Content Management Server(CMS) – provides content, pages, articles, layouts, navigation
  • Digital Asset Manager(DAM) – provides images, videos, text, for all channels.

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IDC puts IBM leader in content management…again!


“The leader board remained unchanged from 2011. IBM continued to dominate,
followed by OpenText, EMC, Microsoft, Oracle, and HP-Autonomy. The content
management market remains fairly consolidated: As was the case last year, the
top 3 vendors accounted for a little over a third of the market, the top 5 vendors
held just under half, and the top 10 accounted for about two-thirds.” – link


Read the full report here.

Content Management in WebSphere Commerce – Part 1

I took the advice of my readers and went ahead and attempted to put myself in the introduction of the video. It is amazing how many takes it took to get it right. Trying to keep looking into the camera and moving around was the most difficult part. Not too mention I don’t have a teleprompter so speaking off the cough and getting it right was also a challenge.

In this video I show how a marketing person can use the WebSphere Commerce Business tooling (Management Center) to create a basic product in a store front.