Watson Customer Engagement for Developers is here!

We have several offerings spanning Marketing and Commerce and many more coming this year. As a developer, you can now sign up to be notified when products and API’s become available on the IBM marketplace. Bookmark it and sign up today for notifications.

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Code: IBM Mobile Web Push (Reactor) code for my blog

GitHub-MarkAs promised, in this post I will share the code I have on my WordPress blog to have it enabled with the Reactor code. You can download the code snippets directly from GitHub or follow the instructions below to insert the code into your Twenty Eleven Theme.

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My Good and Bad on the new language Swift from Apple

apple-swift-logoI am a tech geek, I love coding and I certainly love learning new languages. My first look at Swift is only through the eyes of reading the manual, yes, some people like reading novels I like reading manuals. I have yet to download and play around with it so this is a more of a blind analysis than a hands on review. So let’s start with what I really like about the language.

The Good

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Demo: Attachment viewer “inside” of mail, supports code/text files

After playing a little bit with the viewer and seeing what kind of files I get in email I realized a common format is simply code or text files.  So I went ahead and added support for viewing text files, including C, Java, C++, XML, HTML, etc.  The primary difference with these kinds of files is I have to actually read the contents then place them within the HTML.  I also have to change things like <> to &lt&gt so it is not considered HTML by the browser.

Lastly, using the method shown in this article, I put the Eclipse view in my mail template so it is available when I open a Memo or Reply.  This was in the last demo but you may not have caught it.

For video click more.

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Code Snippet: Programmatically show a composite application

I am going to announce when new code snippets are posted to the wiki here – so get use to it 🙂

Programmatically show a composite application

New “Code Snippet” category on the Composite Application Wiki

Ok, I got a great suggestion from a well known business partner – whose name shall not be mentioned but you know who you are.  The idea is just a bunch of code snippets that do very granular things and hopefully with the samples, javadoc’s and these, you can get a clearer picture on how to do things in the Eclipse/Expeditor/Composite Application space.

Here is the first posting in this new category:

Reading the page preferences for a page/perspective in a composite application