Two cool product integrations I saw at Amplify

Hand Holding Small We Love Customer SignageWe had an amazing time at Amplify this year. The IBM Commerce Showcase was pretty busy despite the poor location of the solution center room. We captured some great analytics for the demo use; where customers could use the IBM Commerce tooling live on the big screens. But enough about showcase, today I am writing about two very slick-looking solutions that can easily integrate with your WebSphere Commerce sites.

The first one is from Exchange Solutions, I watched a really nice demonstration of their loyalty package called Smarter Loyalty that plugs into WebSphere Commerce. This is honestly one of the most feature rich loyalty systems I have seen to date. With tight integration with the purchasing process on the site you can not only gain points for doing activity on the site but use the loyalty points as “cash” to pay for products. It also comes with a very nice individualized incentive program – which once I returned home I started searching around for more information. Check out this article on which describes how it works.

The second one is from Powerfront, Asia-Pacific CEO, Michael Browitt, gave me a quick demonstration of their live support/chat feature. I saw a very slick virtual store front user interface which was a 3D layout of an online e-commerce store, showing different person icons browsing different categories on the site.  Clicking on a person gives you all kinds of statistics and  you can even start an online chat request with the customer.

There will be more to follow and possibly a demonstration on these two partners, stay tuned.


Can’t remember that person who Sametime’d you?

There is a cure for that!

With over 400,000 employees, IBM can be considered a very large company and too often I have accidentally closed a chat window or had to reboot and could not remember who I chatted with! Well, there is a tiny little down arrow in the title area for the Sametime Frequent Contacts window in your Notes client. You can select what contacts to show in the list. Notice you have several options:

  • Sametime Frequent Contacts – shows a list of contacts you often chat with.
  • Sametime Primary Contacts – is a static list you define of your “favorite” people.
  • Sametime Recent Contacts – shows in order of date the people you have chatted with. A little different from frequent contacts as it’s just sorted by date.

So maybe this would be a good “badge” if you used this feature in Sametime. I would be interested to know who actually knew about this and who uses it.