A Birthday wish for my birthday today.

When my Grandfather died, he had Alzheimer’s, which consumed too many of his last days. It is a sad way to go, alone, confused, in another reality altogether. I have had several close people in my life suffer from this disease. Since the year my Grandfather died I have been donating to the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory for their amazing efforts to cure this disease. I know many buy me presents but this year for my birthday (Today! August 20th) please consider donating a single $1 to this organization and let’s make everyone’s later years something everyone can remember!

Before I could even write this post my amazing friends and family had already reached the goal. So why not continue with this post and let’s get triple or quadruple the goal!

Click here or the image below to donate today!

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Christine A Trinkaus Memorial Golf Tournament

It is that time of year again and my cousins are hosting the 10th Annual golf tournament for their mother Chrstine. This is a great tournament and all proceeds and donations go directly to fighting cancer. You don’t have to play to donate you can simply click on the donation button on the site and give whatever you can afford. I know if every person reading this simply gave a dollar it would help out the cause a lot.


Please help the fight against cancer

Every year my cousins hold an amazing golf tournament in memory of their mother Christine A. Trinkaus. All of the proceeds from the tournament and any donations go directly to the cancer foundation. If you can not make the tournament please take some time to donate to this great fight against one of the leading causes of death. You can donate on the site with PayPal, click here.