Attachment Viewer 2.0 beta – MS Office Support!

I need some help testing this out. After playing around a little bit with C# and the MS Office integration API’s I was able to compile an executable that calls out to MS Office to show Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. The architecture is pretty straightforward, the attachment viewer calls out to an executable to have the file converted to HTML and then the document is shown in an iframe in the viewer. I have seen some minor issues and thankfully no crashes.

This version is also Dojo enabled and currently needs to have internet access in order for it to work since I pull Dojo 1.5 from the Google CDN. You will notice the Dojo toolbar and the different view modes – Film Strip, Slide Show, Thumbnails:


Installation Instructions:

  • If you have a 1.0 version of the attachment viewer installed, please make sure you uninstall it first.
  • Once you have the older version installed you can drap and drop the icon below to your My Widgets panel to have the new Eclipse plugins installed.

Drag this to My Widgets in Lotus Notes

  • You may also need to set the preference for the viewer under File | Preferences:

Once I get some good feedback I will be posting the binaries and sources to the OpenNTF project.

Some known issues:

  • The thumbnail view does not show the last image as a thumb
  • Sometimes the MS Office link is broken, a restart or shutting down MS Office may be needed.

In advance, thanks for all of your feedback and interest in this project!

The Dojo Toolkit

The Dojo Toolkit is the second place to start.

It is where you can download all of the code, reference all of the API’s and see some great examples for how to do this both declaratively and programmatically.

The documentation page has a nice layout where you can essentially pick a topic and find a sample, like “Fade in a node“. If you want to use Dojo in your project you can get the code and minimal JavaScript from the current-stable site or you can just use the Google content delivery network (CDN). Check out the Google developer page for how to get started.

Does anyone use the Content Delivery Network for Dojo?

I must say, the Dojo toolkit site is much nicer than what I remember over a year ago.  I am able to find things a lot faster and the code samples are getting a lot better.  I started looking at the page about CDN’s and while I think this is interesting I also feel my site could easily break if I reference one of these and it happens to not be available.  I have started integrating small amounts of Dojo into my blog and the first thing I came up against is whether I house Dojo on my site or use one of the cross-domain Dojo distributions.  So why would anyone want to do this?  Outside of the end reader getting a copy from a closer network server, I really can’t think of a good reason to use a CDN.  And given that many people are probably hitting sites with Dojo on them its most likely cached anyway.