Xtify: Measuring my campaigns performance

I have been running the Xtify reactor on my blog now for a few weeks. I have already seen a couple of the campaigns working well. For instance, the “Subscribe to my blog” message has received many clicks and a few new subscriptions – so thank you!


While I am not getting very high percentages on the click throughs the impressions seem to be a lot. Not sure if this is welcome or not, I guess time will tell. If you have an opinion on the popup please share here! Here is the cool campaign report I can look at to see a few metrics like First Time Visits, Notifications Triggered, Notifications Clicked, and Click Through Rate. Here is the report for the past seven days:



Integrating Unica Campaign and WebSphere Commerce

In this video I show one way how Unica Campaign and SPSS scoring could be integrated with WebSphere Commerce. I demonstrate how basic customer segmentation based on unauthenticated, authenticated male, and an authenticated female customers get a different experience in the online store. This is a basic integration of WebSphere Commerce and Unica Campaign, depending on your environment and the data repositories in your environment you may have a different approach.