Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing and PR

I tweeted about this book a couple of times while listening to it because the one liners inspired me to share immediately. I usually wait until I am completely done with a book before I even mention it just because I am never sure how good it will be by the end. This book, from the start, was perfectly on topic, great tips, and does a amazing job explaining this new era of marketing and PR. Even going pretty deep in explaining the success of Trump and his tweets. Controversial or not, social media gives the individual more power than any time before in our history. Thought leaders, writers, and video blogging has empowered an entire generation of kids to learn how to make a lot of money just being themselves and doing what they like. It’s the new dream , the “I want to be a baseball player when I grow up” terms used by my generation – now it’s “I want to be a YouTube star” or have my own “show“. I highly recommend to any company that is looking to grow a solid customer base, become involved with those customers, become a trusted advisor, and engage with them like never before – this is the book for you.


Book Review: 101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers

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Lot’s of great tips in this little gem. Easy to follow along and I really liked the ideas for opening and closing your presentations. I have never been a “script” speaker and I try to learn and understand what I am speaking about as best I can so the pitch comes off as natural as possible. This book gave me a few more great tips I will be sure to include in my next presentation.

Online Interviews with the industry best

The book I have been blogging a bit about lately has a site with a section under posts where the actual interviews with the industries brightest are posted.  Each  interview is a part of a chapter in the book, I believe Sam will be posting them all eventually.  I think this is an interesting concept and I found the actual recording more interesting than the written interviews in the book because I got to hear their voices.  I do think the textual versions of the interviews are very good in that you can reference them but I really like hearing the voices.  Maybe in the future there will be some sound chip on the page where you can listen to it.  It would be cool if the eBook version had the audio attached to the interview pages – hint Sam…

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Book Review: Learning jQuery 1.3

This book (Learning jQuery 1.3) took me a little longer to get through, it wasn’t for the lack of interest or anything like that, it was because I was compelled to go through the samples because they were so great!  I really loved this book and I recommend it to anyone looking at jQuery.  I really love JQuery, it is simple, elegant and extremely powerful.  It is clear the creators of jQuery knew exactly what they were creating with this amazing library and community.  Since I have read the book I have been playing with plug-ins and reading the community forums.  The samples are excellent and extremely easy to follow.  Even if you are new to JavaScript this book walks you through all of it and even gives you tips for JavaScript best practices throughout the book.  While the samples are really good, what is even better is the Appendix – it has an excellent series of appendix.  There is an appendix for Tools for each of the browsers, JavaScript Closures, and a quick reference for the library.

Lastly, anyone interested in learning or getting started with jQuery I would highly recommend this great book.  I know I will use this as a reference for quite some time.

You can also preview Chapter 4 prior to buying this book.

Book Review: Learning Dojo

Learning Dojo

by Peter Svensson


I really enjoyed this book.  It hit on a lot of topics that kind of surprised me.  I starting reading many sections in the book and thought “wow, what a great idea for a technical book”.  It could have been something small like the depth of the introduction chapters or something larger like the chapter on AOL and Googls Content Delivery Network (CDN).  I guess my point is, this book was an excellent tool and resource to learn Dojo – it covered everything I was hoping for and then some.  I have already used the book as a reference a couple of times – whether it was for a URL or a snippet  – which the samples are excellent.  I found the code snippets very helpful, they are very realistic and easy to follow.  There is a small chapter on Dojo Objective Harness and while it gave a good primer I wanted to see a little bit more.

Book Link – click here.

Free Chapter to review – Chapter 6.

In short, I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Dojo to check this book out and make it part of their collection.  I have the eBook version and I found it very easy to read.

Messing around with Dojo and reading a new book!

After attending Dojo.connect() conference I decided to review a couple of more books for Packt Publishing.  The first one I am reviewing is Learning Dojo by Peter Svensson.   I am only 6 chapters in and I am finding the book to be extremely helpful.  It goes at what I consider a slow and in-depth pace – which is exactly what I look for when I am learning something new.   I figured I would start to put some of the stuff to practice so I created a videos section on my site.  I started by using JSP technology mixed with basic JavaScript, Dojo and some CSS.  For the most part the Fisheye dijit is pretty much the example, found here but with a few modifications.

One thing I don’t like so far with the site is the embedded video players.  I uploaded some MP4’s from the video camera my kids got for Christmas and they are very large files.  I really need to convert them to lower resolution MPG’s so they are not so large.  It seems IE is also having problems with some of the videos – still need to check that out.

Once I finish with this book I will be posting my review – so far it is going very well.  I am then going to check out Learning jQuery 1.3.