Check out my latest DeveloperWorks article on another integration with WebSphere Commerce

Integrating IBM Mobile Web Push with WebSphere Commercemobile-push_fig1

“IBM Mobile Web Push is a messaging platform that pushes marketing offers to mobile devices and websites. With Mobile Web Push, you can dynamically trigger content for display on mobile devices and websites that is based on a visitor’s actions. Mobile Web Push runs on an event-driven API called Reactor. When a mobile user interacts with your mobile website, page or click events are sent to a back-end Reactor server. The user then receives offers based on the rules that are defined on the server.” – link


Article: Getting started with Dojo!

Great article over on DeveloperWorks by Joe Lennon. This article hits all of the key areas of Dojo – pub/sub, query, connect, attaching events. XHR, byId, etc. Basically all you need to get started with the basic foundation of Dojo.

Check it out!

Referenced article can be found here.