Netbooks and “pads” are the new Laptop

CDROM – what is that?

That is what the next generation will say in a few years.  There won’t be movie CD’s, Blue Ray will be dead, everything will be “in the cloud”.  The new Apple Store is just another step in this direction.  Companies like NetFlix will go through the roof in stock price because that is all there will be. My kids don’t even ask for CD’s, they want money to buy iTunes cards.  I have already found myself using the “Watch Now” feature on Netflix more than my regular DVD queue.  It’s like I am too lazy to even mail the CD back and forth!  Soon I will be able to buy, watch, etc all from my TV, XBox or “netbook”.  My step daughter has a new netbook, that she got for Christmas and I think its awesome.  Netbooks and “pads” are clearly the future of desktop computing.

So once again, focus your applications for pads and web based technologies!  There are some subtle things you can do to make sure your web apps work great on these new devices.