Tip of the day: How effective is your tweet?

searchThere are a lot of tools out there that help you measure how effective a tweet is doing. Did you know Twitter added a nice analytic package for your tweets? Last year Twitter launched a new page where you can measure the effectiveness and engagement of your tweets. Here I present two options that can help you figure out how well your tweets are doing in your network.

The first option is the new Twitter activity page on the Twitter site itself. Just follow this link (https://analytics.twitter.com) to view your engagement levels. You can gauge three different categories: Tweets, Followers, and Twitter Cards. Here are some screen shots on what you can expect:

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What resolution are you running???

From the new PiWik analytics I installed on my site it looks like most people are at a fairly good resolution.  I may have to switch to a theme that expands to the entire window!

I run in 1440 x 900 resolution and I have a wide screen ThinkPad.


I find numbers and statistics very interesting.  I added the Visitors Map to my site last year and I always find it interesting that more and more places show up on it.  It is also a great conversation piece when someone visits my site and sees it.  Tonight, I decided to install Piwik onto my site.  The installation was seamless and the integration was even more seamless.  It does require a MySQL database but for the most part it just uses basic a basic web server that supports PHP.  The really cool thing about this tool is it of course has a WordPress plugin that integrates into my WordPress dashboard. This level of statistics should be interesting to watch over time.

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