When global digital experience projects fail

If you haven’t heard about the lawsuit the Hertz Corporation has filed against Accenture then you should probably read up on that a little bit before reading this.

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Adobe, Coremedia, and WebSphere Commerce

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.37.32 PM

Ever since Adobe and IBM announced their partnership, many have been asking “well which CMS should I pick?”. I am not going to cover Portal or WebSphere Content Management in this post, I am just going to stick with the partner solutions Adobe and Coremedia, so that will have to be for another day.

Now of course this is just my opinion and others may have a different opinion but this is in the world according to Bob.

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Did you know about the Adobe Experience Manager to IBM WebSphere Commerce Connector?

Have you seen this cool new connector for Adobe Experience Manager and IBM WebSphere Commerce? Click the picture below to see more.1400693369262

Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9 | Application Development – InfoWorld

In addition, JavaFX 2.0 allows developers to embed Web content in JavaFX applications, which will render the HTML and JavaScript using WebKit. Will Java developers really choose to build rich clients with JavaFX instead of the standard browser technologies? Oracle can be expected to keep pushing JavaFX while also waving the flag for HTML5. JavaFX might have some life left in it, even if it is just for Java devotees.

via Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9 | Application Development – InfoWorld.

Goodbye Flash games, here comes Game Maker Studio!

Over the past few days I have been playing with Game Maker and I am very impressed with the interface and capabilities. I will have to get my hands on Game Maker Studio when it comes out, it promises some amazing features. The paid for version supports 3D games, custom DLL’s and much more; the soon to be released version will allow export to HTML5 – way cool. I have long been a game developer enthusiast starting in the eighties at the age of 11 writing my first game on the Commodore 64 in BASIC and Assembler. Over the years the business side took over and it has been nothing more than a hobby for the past twenty years. I even bought the entire series of Game Programming Gems and read them from front to back. In the mid nineties I bought a product called Click and Create from Corel and it was very cool but the games simply didn’t scale. I have often thought of creating a similar tool to Game Maker for children based on the Eclipse platform – thinking the cross platform custom IDE would work great in this use case (which is probably still a good idea given the Eclipse IDE support).

But I digress!

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Is Adobe slowly taking over?

I think Adobe is a pretty amazing company and it seems they do a good job re-inventing themselves and this latest announcement is not very shocking but tells you something a about how they work.  Getting Adobe Flash on the iPhone is in my opinion huge because now you don’t need a Mac to do iPhone development and if you are already a Flash developer your apps will “just work”.  This will be huge for games I am sure but on the business side I am seeing more and more companies doing Flash development and this might be a huge on ramp for their “ubiquitous platform“.

Adobe circumvents Apple to bring Flash apps to iPhone

Adobe is trying to make Flash a ubiquitous platform that developers can write to across PCs, netbooks, phones, and TV set-top boxes. It announced Monday that a beta of its FlashPlayer 10.1 software will be available later this year for desktops and for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS devices, with support for Symbian and Google Android phones coming next year.

JavaFX plugin for Eclipse

I just read on Neil’s blog, they announced a JavaFX plugin for Eclipse at JavaOne.

We also have a large number of templates supplied with the plug-in, to kick-start your JavaFX development in Eclipse. Also I’m hoping soon to provide an import wizard for NetBeans projects so you can easily import any of the other samples and templates provided on the JavaFX site.

It is not out yet but when it hits the streets I will be sure to announce it.  If you have any ambition in helping Java users not use Adobe or MS technologies then you can also help out:

There is much more work to do, and we are hoping to attract community involvement and contributions to improve the plug-in. So how can you contribute? This leads to the other part of the announcement: Sun intends to contribute this work as an official Eclipse project, and we working together now on a project proposal for submission to the EMO. Look out for the proposal soon when it hits eclipse.org.