Will the “Buy It” button be the dominant shopping e-channel in the future?

I have posted about Actv8.me in the past and now with the introduction of Pinterest’s “Buy It” button we are seeing a huge movement into the this new digital shopping experience. Shoppers now have the ability to use different kinds of applications like Pinterest and Houzz to see products in a different way and then actually buy them.

Let’s look at these three different models and compare:

Actv8.me gives a shopper with an iPad or mobile device to synchronize what they are watching on TV to buy products they are currently viewing in the show. This could be anything, a shirt or sweater someone is wearing to a table or a couch in the scene. This is of course driven by the television show and opens up new advertising opportunities for the show.

Houzz is another cool site I know many women like because they get to see household products in the context of a scene or picture. It even connects you with local designers, and construction companies:

Houzz - designers

The real beauty of the site is the ideas section. Once you fill out your profile of what you are looking for you can get categories of ideas for those selections.

Houzz - Ideas

These ideas are professional designers getting “their look” out to the public, a form of crowdsourcing. Houzz has a shoppers section but it also allows shopping and pricing from the different things right within the idea pictures. I am seeing more and more people using Houzz for their next great project and how cool is it to just click and buy. Their mobile application is actually addicting and you find yourself just flipping through some amazing ideas.

Buy it on Pinterest is the latest announcement where Pinterest users will be able to buy the items they see in the boards they subscribe to. I really love Pinterest and use it a lot for various reasons from fitness, cars, motorcycles, commerce, etc. Once eCommerce platforms support the Buy It button on Pinterest it makes me wonder how many people will be going to a company’s site versus their Pinterest board. Think of it as somewhat of a “free” eCommerce site where people pin and promote your products to the masses. I really think this could be a game changer in the eCommerce spaceĀ and even allow smaller mom and pop shops to get a digital shopping experience for their products in a much cheaper and convenient way.
Buy it on Pinterest

Imagine the analytics around these solutions. With access to what boards you follow and what “pins” you like, the marketing teams for these companies can get a better idea of your tastes and who you are – essentially streamlining their ability to properly cross sell and up sell to you.

If you have any other “Buy It” now types of applications comment here and let me know, I am always interested in hearing about different ways to shop, especially in different countries. It would be great to learn what applicationsĀ others across the world use in this context.

Synchronized Shopping with Actv8.me, very cool indeed!

One of the coolest products I saw at NRF 2014 was the synchronized shopping experience that Actv8.me showed. As you can see in the picture below, the application on the mobile device synchronizes with what is on your television and shows you products that have been tagged for the current scene. In the screen shot a customer can purchase the same red dress the actress is wearing in the show. I explained this to my wife and she really liked the concept because she is always wondering “what is she wearing?” or “I love that dress”. I can see this kind of technology being merged into products like the Xbox, Netflix, and any other platform that wants to “take over” the living room.

The way it works is by sound recognition, similar to the way MusicID or Shazam apps work by identifying the sound of the current program and scene and showing a list of products that have been configured for that scene.

Actv8.me Synchronized shopper