When global digital experience projects fail

If you haven’t heard about the lawsuit the Hertz Corporation has filed against Accenture then you should probably read up on that a little bit before reading this.

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HCL bought WebSphere Commerce, So what now?

It’s been almost five months since the announcement of HCL purchasing WebSphere Commerce from IBM(link). A lot of discussions have been had by the many brands and companies that use WebSphere Commerce to drive a lot of revenue from the e-Channel and more. The fact is, WebSphere Commerce isn’t going anywhere any time soon if ever. Every conversation I have had with anyone at HCL is they intend on investing in WebSphere Commerce and the team they are building is impressive and ready to take on the challenge.

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Book Review: The Alliance – managing talent in the networked age


This really is an excellent book from the start to the end. The fascinating stories about John Lasseter being fired from Pixar to the effects of “tours of duty” for employees and employers all resonated with me. My military background, the openness of communication described, and even my own career using social media to enhance my network and grow my personal brand were all covered in this quick read gem. The soft reference to Frans Johansson’s writings in The Medici Effect brought my thoughts immediately right back to that book – which remains one of my favorite books.

I highly recommend this book for all managers and employees looking to solidify their careers in a pragmatic way. Building their brand both internally and externally is almost critical in todays world. This book provides almost a blueprint for making all of this possible – retention and employee happiness can easily be achieved through open and honest communication.

Have to give thanks to Jim for recommending it!

The CoreMedia Commerce Hub

It has been pretty widely known our eCommerce integrations with CoreMedia are very popular and in most cases a differentiating implementation advantage we have over our competitors. This isn’t by mistake or luck, but by design. Our LiveContext has been around for quite some time, we actually proved this out with WebSphere Commerce over four years ago – as seen in one of my earlier videos.

This LiveContext has been extended with a generic “hub client” component that then communicates with the various services (IBM, SAP Hybris, SalesForce, etc). With a base implementation we can then incorporate the service implementation for the specific commerce system, welcome, Commerce Hub. The base implementation is configured using Spring Boot which is then encapsulated in a Docker container. This makes DevOps and deployment a snap!

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.13.21 PM


For a better description and demonstration of how this works, take a look at our DevCon 2019 video for Commerce Hub where Moritz Kleine talks about CoreMedia Commerce Hub:


What is meant by “headless plus”?

Headless content and headless commerce are gaining momentum at a rapid pace, more than I originally thought it would, to be frank. Technologies like GraphQL have begun to push the rendering responsibilities back to the client, ultimately minimizing bandwidth and server load.

We at CoreMedia use IntelliJ IDEA for our primary development tool in-house, it is very similar to Eclipse in many ways so if you are an Eclipse person the transition should be easy. There is GraphQL support in the IDEA IDE, you also have browser playgrounds like GraphiQL, and of course code generators like graphql-codegen.

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Editing your website with a live multi channel preview

Giving editors the ability to see what their content looks like on the target channels and devices is almost critical in todays world. Have to launch into another screen or use another application to preview your content can be cumbersome and frankly a waste of time. This also applies for localized content, imagine having to switch between screens for every language and locale you need to verify?

With every new channel and format, it becomes harder to orchestrate the complexity required to create truly iconic digital experiences . – Sören Stamer

In this video I show how you can edit your content live and see how the content looks on various devices, channels, and even social media platforms.

CoreMedia DevCon 2019 videos and presentations available!

Every year CoreMedians, partners, and customers get together to show off some great content and have technical deep dives. From deploying with Jenkins and Docker to the latest techniques around headless and front-end development, we covered a lot and the best part is it’s all available to you on our corporate site.

The Developer Conference aims to support our existing customers and partner developers. Our technical deep dives, discussion rounds and presentations focus on exchanging and sharing ideas and learnings to get the most out of the CoreMedia Content Cloud. – link

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Webinar: Headless not Brainless!

Going to headless doesn’t mean you sacrifice business users ability to control the site using friendly tooling, that would be brainless…

My brilliant colleague, Sebastian Büttner, a Solution Architect at CoreMedia and Timmo Köhler, a Managing Partner at bitgrip GmbH,  will be showing us the benefits of headless from both a developer and line of business point of view.

Why join the webinar?

Thrilled about the trending “headless topic” but you want to know what this actually means and how it is different from the traditional content management system? In this webinar, you will get the chance to get insight into a concrete customer case showcasing their success improving their search engine presence, making their product catalogue user and mobile friendly and much more. In a live demo we will show you how they implemented the project in a smart way.

I know this may be early for some East Coast people but I think it will be worth it and think about this, it won’t interrupt your busy schedule or you can just call into it from the treadmill. 🙂

Wed, Mar 27, 2019 6:30 AM – 7:15 AM EDT

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

In this video I show how simple the integration is between CoreMedia and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. All of the same integrations I have shown with the other platforms exist with SFCC. Take a look at this high level overview video of the integration.

One night: The difference between Uber and Lyft

Really not much to say here, exact time, two different routes and two different costs. Like everything else in life, when you know your options you are so much better off.  #beIconic