IBM Digital Commerce How To Videos

Want to learn how the business user tooling drives the number one commerce platform in the world? Check out these 16 HowTo videos for IBM Digital Commerce on the Watson Customer Engagement YouTube channel! IBM Digital Commerce is a premier SaaS eCommerce platform ready to serve up your products.


12 Kubernetes distributions to think about

Really good and simple article over on InfoWorld that describes 12 of the most popular Kubernetes distributions: click here.

  1. CoreOS Tectonic
  2. Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes
  3. Docker Community Edition / Docker Enterprise
  4. Heptio Kubernetes Subscription
  5. Mesosphere DC/OS
  6. Mirantis Cloud Platform
  7. Platform9 Managed Kubernetes
  8. Rancher 2.0
  9. Red Hat OpenShift
  10. Stackube
  11. SUSE Cloud as a Service Platform
  12. Telekube

Video: Build a bot in 6 minutes with IBM Watson Conversation

Really good video and tutorial from Chris^2 about building a Watson Chatbot. Great job guys!

Video: Create Omni-channel Content with IBM Watson Content Hub


Fellow IBMer, Dr Thomas Stober, has posted a really good video about IBM Watson Content Hub (WCH). While it is 24 minutes long, I believe it is well worth it, especially for the CTO/CIO/VP or Director of development of web sites or eCommerce sites. Thomas lays out the various ways WCH can be implemented while covering the cool cognitive features Watson brings to the software. From headless implementations to full web site creation with pages, components, and content using REACT or Angular, Thomas covers a lot in this video. So get out the popcorn and sit back and watch how cool WCH is and what it can do for your business.



Two new books I picked up at THINK

One reason I like going to conferences is you can get books you have been eyeing for 20% off. This year I picked two books I have been thinking about getting for a while. The first one by colleague Sanjev Sharma, “The DevOps Adoption Playbook”, I hope to hone in my cloud development and management skills. Being a long time user of IBM Cloud (formerly BlueMix) this should be a fun read.  The next book is the “The Strategic CIO – Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise”. I was browsing in the IBM book store and I came across this book. I love books with many stories and use cases and little anecdotes about running a business or in this case an IT department. My current role is similar to where we strive to serve the sales, services, and partner community with first class demonstration capabilities similar to a production run team – servicing our partners, sellers, and services. In the first few chapters I can already relate to what Phil Weinzimer has written about being “business first, technology second”. That has been my goal, how I my team and I make the most impact on the business and continuously innovate to make it run smoother.

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