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Moving from WebSphere Commerce v7 FEP8 to v9

I have gotten a lot of requests to talk about this with partners and customers. As of today, there is a nice article in the Knowledge Center you can get a lot of questions answered with regard to moving from v7 directly to v9.

Take a look at this page to see how to do it.


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Filled with some awesome videos and content to learn about how Watson is changing the eCommerce landscape. From Marketing to Commerce to Supply Chain – Watson is changing the way we think about an end to end eCommerce solution.

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Why omni-channel is still important

I have been seeing a lot of fud going around on LinkedIn and other places downplaying the importance of omni-channel and touting things like AI is here and eliminates the need for an omni-channel focus. The problem is, if your goal is to “move beyond omni-channel and focus on customer centricity” you simply can not do it properly without omni-channel.

Let’s start by defining what omni-channel even is. Omni-chanel is having a consistent brand experience for a customer across all channels. The customer is “known” across all channels, and this means all channels are accessing the same data – either through micro-services (API’s) or through feeds (hopefully the latter). A platform like Watson Customer Engagement enables this diagram to come to life:

Omni-channel data

This means that each channel is accessing the most up to date data in a consistent way so the customer is “known’ to each channel. Whether they are on the web or mobile device shopping, calling into the call center, or speaking with a store associate – they are “known” by each of these channels so they can be intelligently marketed to and referenced (like order history, current orders, etc).

I highlight this exact story in the recently published “a Watson Customer Engagement Story: Omni-channel” video I published on my channel. It’s a quick 12 minute story but well work the time to watch.

a Watson Customer Engagement Story: Omni-channel

Announcement: WebSphere Commerce V9 Webinar!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.37.07 PMWant to learn more about the latest WebSphere Commerce V9 release? Join us for a webinar on Feb 7th: Click here to register!

With rapidly changing markets, evolving customer expectations and new competitive challenges, brands need the speed and flexibility to quickly adjust their go-to-market strategies and transform how they engage customers across channels.

Join Darin Archer, IBM Watson Commerce Offer Management and Robert Poratti, IBM Watson Commerce Product Marketing, to learn how WebSphere Commerce Version 9 addresses that challenge with a new, modernized architecture aimed at speeding innovation and reducing the time spent managing the platform.

You’ll also learn how Version 9 uses a microservice approach and the latest in open source technology to reduce your commerce platform footprint and total cost of ownership.

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a Watson Customer Engagement Story: Omni-channel

In this video I show how Evan and the marketing team use the Watson Customer Engagement portfolio to successfully execute an omni-channel campaign.

We start with Evan working with his team to set up an SEO strategy, dynamic pricing to compete against Amazon, and create a dashboard to monitor the customer experience and the performance of the site in comparison with the other categories. Watch how Evan and his team quickly setup and execute this campaign and also see what the customer Katie experiences across the web channel, call center, her mobile application and then lastly the store assistant.

New pet cam for Larry’s Cage: Night Owl

Night OwlI recently bought an IP Web Cam for Larry’s cage. Larry is my African Grey bird and has a pretty large vocabulary.

I introduced Larry last week because I was in the process of figuring out what kind of camera I wanted to purchase. I wanted a camera that had local storage; where I could take the SD micro card out and easily get the video onto my Mac and the Night Owl standalone add-on camera met the bill.

The setup was pretty interesting. You download the Night Owl application and you add a new device. The application tells you to connect your phone to the built in Wifi hot spot built into the camera to configure it and attach it to your local wifi. I was totally impressed with the setup of this camera – great job Night Owl.

I can’t tell you how many people come to the house and say I should record Larry and that he is hilarious. So here it is. I created a video series I have on my other YouTube channel “CodeByLarry” where I host “Saturdays with Larry”.

Some things he clearly says in this video:

“You’re a good baby”, “I love you”, “Bye Bye”, “Clicks”, “Larry”, “kiss sound”, “Open the door”, “Hey”, “Come here”, “hey Bobby”, “woo hoo”, “Go lay down”, “There you go”, “Hi Larry”, “give me a kiss”, “You want some pizza”, “yup, ok, thank you”.