Goodbye Uber and AirBNB and hello innovation!

When I see something cool, I have to give it a plug on my blog so I can commit it to memory, this is one of those cool things…

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A Birthday wish for my birthday today.

When my Grandfather died, he had Alzheimer’s, which consumed too many of his last days. It is a sad way to go, alone, confused, in another reality altogether. I have had several close people in my life suffer from this disease. Since the year my Grandfather died I have been donating to the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory for their amazing efforts to cure this disease. I know many buy me presents but this year for my birthday (Today! August 20th) please consider donating a single $1 to this organization and let’s make everyone’s later years something everyone can remember!

Before I could even write this post my amazing friends and family had already reached the goal. So why not continue with this post and let’s get triple or quadruple the goal!

Click here or the image below to donate today!

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My new favorite podcast has changed the way I think

I just spent a week in Las Vegas at THINK. Mostly speaking with partners and customers about Watson and Commerce. On the breaks I spent time learning our partners solutions. Watching and listening to their “pitch” of cool new things. I am always interested in how partners pitch their solution. Learning how my team and I can do things different. When I returned from Vegas I found this new podcast. From an IBM colleague who excels at telling amazing stories. Jeremy Waite launched a brilliant new podcast called “Ten Words“. I listened to his first one and it didn’t disappoint. The stories were brilliant and entertaining and an easy listen. I encourage you to listen to it when you can. Brevity, sincerity, emotional, and most of all entertaining are key. Like each sentence in this post, listen to Ten Words!

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Larry unlocks his cage and puts himself back

I know many of my coworkers know Larry as he is pretty loud and likes to talk (in my voice) while I am on the phone in meetings.  Well, recently, Larry has been getting into the habit of climbing down from his perch in my office and putting himself away in his cage. I decided to film it to show you how he unlocks the cage. (I put it to a little music for entertainment)

New pet cam for Larry’s Cage: Night Owl

Night OwlI recently bought an IP Web Cam for Larry’s cage. Larry is my African Grey bird and has a pretty large vocabulary.

I introduced Larry last week because I was in the process of figuring out what kind of camera I wanted to purchase. I wanted a camera that had local storage; where I could take the SD micro card out and easily get the video onto my Mac and the Night Owl standalone add-on camera met the bill.

The setup was pretty interesting. You download the Night Owl application and you add a new device. The application tells you to connect your phone to the built in Wifi hot spot built into the camera to configure it and attach it to your local wifi. I was totally impressed with the setup of this camera – great job Night Owl.

I can’t tell you how many people come to the house and say I should record Larry and that he is hilarious. So here it is. I created a video series I have on my other YouTube channel “CodeByLarry” where I host “Saturdays with Larry”.

Some things he clearly says in this video:

“You’re a good baby”, “I love you”, “Bye Bye”, “Clicks”, “Larry”, “kiss sound”, “Open the door”, “Hey”, “Come here”, “hey Bobby”, “woo hoo”, “Go lay down”, “There you go”, “Hi Larry”, “give me a kiss”, “You want some pizza”, “yup, ok, thank you”.

Amazing – Viv – the future of applications with natural language queries

The team behind Siri debuts its next-gen AI “Viv” at Disrupt NY 2016. This is some pretty amazing technology. Mixing natural language queries with applications is changing the way we use devices and technology.

Viv is an artificial intelligence platform that enables developers to distribute their products through an intelligent, conversational interface.

I can imagine all kinds of applications for this technology. Virtual concierge kiosks in restaurants, hotels, theme parks, etc.

Facebook likes just got emotions

Facebook has been talking about this for quite some time and now it is here. Just hover your mouse over the Like button and you will see some new emoticons. So for the first time you can like in anger a post!


From left to right we have:

Like    Love   Haha   Wow   Sad   and   Angry

Imagine the analytics they will be able to gather from this…