Quickly minimize all other windows with this simple shake gesture

Windows7logoOk, so I was actually creating another video and I was trying to highlight a window by quickly dragging it around and all the other windows disappeared!

So then I did some searching around and its a feature of Windows 7! Check out the explanation here.

Check out this quick tip video to see this feature in action:

Tip of the day: How effective is your tweet?

searchThere are a lot of tools out there that help you measure how effective a tweet is doing. Did you know Twitter added a nice analytic package for your tweets? Last year Twitter launched a new page where you can measure the effectiveness and engagement of your tweets. Here I present two options that can help you figure out how well your tweets are doing in your network.

The first option is the new Twitter activity page on the Twitter site itself. Just follow this link (https://analytics.twitter.com) to view your engagement levels. You can gauge three different categories: Tweets, Followers, and Twitter Cards. Here are some screen shots on what you can expect:

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Using the Eclipse client for editing BlueMix projects on Git Jazz Hub

In this tip of the day I show how easy it is to setup your IBM BlueMix and Jazz Hub project in the Eclipse client for editing. This will allow you to edit your project off-line and take advantage of the many plugins the Eclipse client has to offer.

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My Top 5 Twitter tips

Here are my top five Twitter tips for the professional and casual Twitterer:

  1. Hash tags
    Use at least one or two hash tags. Many sources on the net will say the most powerful aspect of Twitter is the hash tag and search. I have also read that readership starts to fall after two hash tags, so you can use three but I would not recommend going to four or more hash tags.
  2. Consistency
    Whether you do it professionally or just for fun, be somewhat consistent with what you Tweet. If you need to have multiple Twitter Id’s then so be it. Be consistent with each account and you will attract like minded followers.
  3. Block Spammers
    While having a lot of followers is good, make sure they are real followers. Many companies check to see who you follow and who follow you. If you have a lot of “let’s meet at a hotel” type of followers it does reflect on you. So I don’t have a ton of followers but I can say I block as many spam accounts as I can recognize.
  4. Be Social
    Don’t just push information out to others, start a dialog, get involved, retweet things you really like and if you truly like it then favorite it. This will get you on Twitter lists – another way to get recognized in forums.
  5. Publicly thank!
    Everyone likes a mention, make sure you thank people who re-tweet you or mention you. It’s part of being social in this online forum. If you get a new follower then you should seriously consider following them and thank them publicly!

Do you have a favorite tip of your own that you want to share?

    Video: AB Testing with WebSphere Commerce

    In this video I show how you can visually build an AB test for your commerce site. The tools used are the IBM Management Center and its rich graphical interface which allows drag and drop in the rule builder.

    Nurturing the Egg – A quick guide to mentoring

    I have been in the software development world for over 20 years and without a doubt at each level of my career I have had aspiring leaders and mentors who guided me and helped me excel. Writing code is a small piece of the software world, it is the leaders that drive great teams and great products.

    If I had to pin point one factor of my success as a software professional I would have to give the most credit to the people above me at certain times in my career. While I have a passion for software in general, it was the leadership, mentors, and management who empowered me to be successful in those positions. I have been mentoring junior developers it seems for 20 years, taking the many tactics and practices of my mentors and attempting to do as good as they did for me.

    As a leader and a mentor you should take the time to learn the ambitions of your pupil and guide them in accomplishing those ambitions and more. While managers for the most part can handle conflicts within the office they may not always give you the best advice – this is where a mentor can really help. It’s like another set of eyes on your code, you never know what you will learn.

    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
    ~Abraham Lincoln

    So I could go on and on describing what you should do as a leader but I think listing the things you should not do would be more fun:

    • As a leader, keeping knowledge to yourself and embarrassing people publicly is not a smart thing to do.
    • As a leader, not listening to your pupil is narrow minded. Thinking you know more than them is just ridiculous in this day and age, they might teach you something!
    • As a leader, don’t take the work of the pupil and pass it off as your own. Giving public credit as a mentor is more rewarding than stealing the praise.
    • As a leader, you should work with the pupil when they fail or create “crappy code”, remember, you are in the leadership position for a reason, guide them!
    • As a leader, teaching the pupil and growing the pupil is the greatest thing you can accomplish.

    So, if you are a manager and you have “poor leaders” under you that do this kind of stuff then you are at fault as much as the poor leader by leaving them in that position. Having a title or being in a leadership position does not make you a leader. A poor leader is like a virus in an organization, the virus will spread to all those around them. A leader will want their people to excel beyond themselves. The greatest thing a mentor can have is his pupil accomplish their ambitions.

    Really, no matter what job you are in, it doesn’t have to be “work”. It is the leaders that make work fun.

    A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

    QuickTip Video: Using the Notes Java UI API Exerciser

    In this video you learn how to use the API Exerciser for the Lotus Notes Java UI API’s. The video shows the basics of the tool and references the OpenNTF project where you can get the source code and figure out how to use the new API’s.

    QuickTip Video: Adding Hot Spots To Graphics In Lotus Notes Email

    In this quick tip I show how you can send cool images with hot spots to your colleagues. You can also check out the entry over on the Lotus site for VideoFest.

    QuickTip Video: Copying a project elements path to the Clipboard in Eclipse

    In this quick tip video I show how you can easily copy a path from the Eclipse project to the clipboard and then use it. In the video I show how you can install features and plugins from an Eclipse Update Site project into Lotus Notes. I use this method all of the time to test out my plugins and site.

    DragonTape – Cool way to combine videos!

    How cool is this?

    I combined all of the quick tip videos I have created into a single video using DragonTape.