New Video: Made Easy with CoreMedia: B2B Digital Experience

B2B digital experience made easy! With our connectors into the eCommerce platform, CoreMedia enables editors to create custom digital experiences for their B2B partners. B2C and B2B are the same, shouldn’t your digital experience platform give you the same capabilities regardless of your business model? See how your B2B sites can be iconic with CoreMedia Studio.

Made Easy with CoreMedia: Alternate Content On the Product Display Page

Adding additional angle images in WebSphere Commerce has always been kind of a challenge. While extremely flexible for content association, the user interface to associate additional content to a product is less than optimal.

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: In-Store Layouts

Were you ever in a store and you see a giant 60 inch panel on its side showing some cool video or store information? Or maybe it’s even a touch screen and you can do things on it like find products or ask questions. Well, now imagine how as a content manager you can control the content on those displays…centrally.

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: Shoppable Video

I think once brands start to see how social networks are really investing in making video more interactive, this is going to be a primary way to shop for buyers. But why wait? You can do this today with CoreMedia Studio!

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: Shoppable Images & Localization

Making images into shoppable banners is a snap in CoreMedia Studio along with localizing that shoppable banner to a specific region. Whether your translation process is a manual process or you desire an automated service using API’s, CoreMedia Studio supports it.

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: eCommerce Catalog Integration

Integration between the eCommerce Catalog and the content management system is a must if you want to #beIconic and make your channel a seamless shopping experience blended with content.

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: Personalization

One of the most important integrations between a content management system and the eCommerce system is personalization. Being able to control your customer segments in a single place and use those segments and behaviors to drive the shopping experience is a goal most eCommerce managers wish they could consistently execute. In order to be able to do this you will need a pretty tight integration with the eCommerce segmentation or even an analytics or marketing platform along with letting your site managers be able to preview that content as the various customer segments you define.

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