Gamification for coders, how cool would this be?

After some dialog with Facebook friends I thought it would be entertaining to write this post. Imagine an extension to Eclipse that connects to a leader board where you can see what “badges” coders are awarded through daily coding. While this is just for fun, I actually think this could end up being valuable in the end. Similar to the way people +1 your skills on LinkedIn, this could give anyone a very good idea of your skills.

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Motivation: Hello? You play to win the game…

Hello? You play to win the game.You don’t play it to just play it. That’s the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don’t care if you don’t have any wins. – Herm Edwards

When Herm Edwards said those words last year to the press the NY Jets finished the remainder of the season by winning seven of their last nine games. This isn’t just about sports but just about anything you do in life. Giving it your all and playing to win is key, you don’t necessarily have to win at everything but working like you will win is very important. This just means you are giving it your all and tells others a lot about your character.

I read an interesting article this morning, What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day. The article is a great reminder for how to prepare your mind to take on the day in positive way. My two favorites are “Don’t check your email for the first hour of every day” and the following snippet:

“Hour of Power,” “30 Minutes to Thrive,” or at least “Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment.” Part of it involves light exercise, part of it involves motivational incantations, but the most accessible piece involves 10 minutes of thinking of everything you’re grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends, in your career, and the like. After that, visualize “everything you want in your life as if you had it today.” – Tony Robins

Each and every day is an opportunity, make sure you seize them.

Lotus Ad shows up in crazy YouTube video

I saw this video on Facebook, shared by Richard Schwartz and thought the video was disturbing at first but realized it must be fake. What caught my eye was the Lotus advertisement near the beginning. I watch the ad area a couple of times and it looks like they are random. I just wonder how many of the 750K people saw that Lotus ad.

The 40 Best Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine | Baby Photography

How cool is this, these pictures are amazing!

The 40 Best Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine | Baby Photography.



Eclipse announces move to .NET and away from Java

According to an insider of the elusive Eclipse Foundation, there has been some what of a coup to ban anything to do with Java in the next major release of Eclipse. Even though Eclipse 4 is well under way this resource claimed a loud message was heard at the last board meeting:

Java is just too extensible and powerful, there is no reason we need such a powerful language for this kind of work. .NET or Perl would suffice. We need to move NOW.

— Anonymous Eclipse Foundation Member

This of course has sent shockwaves throughout the community, with large protests claiming Java provided the very freedom they needed to make Eclipse successful and moving to .Net would severely limit the future possibilities. Some have even gone so far to say they will move to another industry if this happens, like management.

One little girl from Libya even stated the following:

I would rather have Col. Gaddafi back in power than to move to .NET, it just isn’t right.
–Under aged Child

I don’t think anyone anticipated this move by Eclipse but one thing is for sure, this kind of news only happens once a year and usually on the first day of April.


The internet is losing credibility…and fast

The Information Age was dealt a stunning blow Monday, when a factual error was discovered on the Internet. The error was found on, a Brady Bunch fan site that incorrectly listed the show’s debut year as 1968, not 1969.

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Is Twitter driving your brand, product, or company?

I find it amazing as more and more areas in the world are using Twitter to drive something. My latest observations have been around Jeff Probst and the American show “Survivor”. You can follow Jeff on Twitter and Facebook and you can also go to his blog. If you are in the technical world, this is really not anything new. What you can see is how Jeff promotes his brand (namely himself) and his product (the show Survivor) on as many social sites as possible. Jeff is spending a lot of time on his blog, facebook, and twitter. I find him writing snippets here and there and many posts on his blog that make the show that much more interesting. I have been a long time Survivor fan since day ne and the value these social tools adds is incredible. It is like you get to connect with the real deal and not just show up on Wednesday nights to be entertained for an hour. This is exactly how a business or brand can take advantage of social software and use it to drive interest and ultimately sales. I also noticed he uses Google Ads on his site – I wonder how much he makes from them…

Top posts for 2010

Every year before the Christmas holiday I like to see what my most popular posts were for the year. Considering I have a mixed bag of followers – mostly in the Eclipse and Lotus Notes communities, it is interesting to see what posts have the most hits.

Home page 14,335
Is GWT the future of web development? 1,500
Which Java sort is faster – MergeSort, QuickSort or Arrays.sort? 889
Get the Lotus Notes attachment viewer today! 871
Introducing jDojo! 687
Finding the XPath in Internet Explorer 671
A great Lotus Notes Composite Application tutorial 611
Free charting in Lotus Notes 604
plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences 532
New Mail Rule Utility for Notes 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 498
Tutorial: How to add the Attachment Viewer to your mail file 496
Learning JDojo Part 1 480
Learning the Android SDK 477
Attachment Viewer on Steroids 438