DemoJam: CoreMedia Studio Extensions!

In this quick three minute tutorial I show a CoreMedia Studio extension my team put together based on a CK Editor plugin that enables editors to tag lines of text in articles to be “tweetable” by the reader. A sample would be: this gives your readers an easy way to tweet quotes from your articles!

Stay tuned here for a tutorial for this extension with source code and be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube Channel: CoreMedia Demo Jams!


New YouTube Channel – CoreMedia Demo Jams!

Last week I delivered a Demo Jam at Salesforce Connections and it was very inspiring. To see a product in 3 minutes and then to see these delivered live was impressive. The varied ways these demos were delivered was impressive. Not to steal anything but Salesforce does a great job with this format and to do this live at a conference was even more impressive.

It inspired me so much I actually created a new channel called “Demo Jams” where I will be serving up videos 3 minutes or less about content management, studio extensions, and how to use CoreMedia to increase your velocity in delivering iconic content to your customers. Take a look at my new channel, SUBSCRIBE, and hang on to your seats because these will be packed with content and all within 3 minutes!