Cognitive Genie by SapientRazorfish

Pretty slick demonstration of SapientRazorfish’s Cognitive Genie hosted on the IBM Watson Commerce starter store Aurora. Check out the short video below or read more about what SapientRazorfish can do with AI here.

Cognitive Genie is a shopping assistant based on Watson Discovery Service that you can speak to with natural language. Some cool things they have taught the Cognitive Genie to do:

  • Suggest products based on passed purchasing history
  • Multiple choice options (product list filtering) in the live chat
  • Control the product display from the Cognitive Genie
  • Return policies support and answers
  • Get order status
  • Emotion and tone analysis with voice input (Speech to Text)
  • Automatic call transfer
  • In store GEO specific offers for when customers visit store locations.


Only 31% report consistently positive omni-channel experiences

According to a Forrester Consulting report. You can also read the new report here: Retailers Are Starting To Reap The Rewards Of Omnichannel Commerce.

And that is why IBM Watson Customer Engagement is leading the way with our first class set of solutions for Omni-Channel.


Webinar: Real World Insights Into Upgrading to V9

Are you considering a move to V9 of IBM WebSphere Commerce? The question is, how much effort is really required?  Get answers from the @LiveArea, @IBM and @Rackspace teams on Thursday, April 26 at 2 PM EST/ 1 PM CST with our webinar and demo. Register now!

I will join SMEs from Rackspace and LiveArea for a live chat, “Real World Insights Into Upgrading to V9” for WebSphere Commerce. We’ll talk both benefits & true effort, not theoretically – we’ve done it!


Frost & Sullivan declares IBM a leader in customer value within the Integrated Commerce Order Management Space

“IBM Watson Commerce order management brings together capabilities, such as inventory visibility, distributed order management, order promising, delivery service scheduling, and reverse logistics. It collects orders from online, call centers, and stores, and it provides transparency through a single view of inventory and demand across channels and throughout the supply chain,” said Frost & Sullivan Lead Consultant, Integrated Commerce Martin Hoff ter Heide. – link

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 1.31.48 PM

IBM Digital Commerce How To Videos

Want to learn how the business user tooling drives the number one commerce platform in the world? Check out these 16 HowTo videos for IBM Digital Commerce on the Watson Customer Engagement YouTube channel! IBM Digital Commerce is a premier SaaS eCommerce platform ready to serve up your products.

Video: Build a bot in 6 minutes with IBM Watson Conversation

Really good video and tutorial from Chris^2 about building a Watson Chatbot. Great job guys!

Video: Create Omni-channel Content with IBM Watson Content Hub


Fellow IBMer, Dr Thomas Stober, has posted a really good video about IBM Watson Content Hub (WCH). While it is 24 minutes long, I believe it is well worth it, especially for the CTO/CIO/VP or Director of development of web sites or eCommerce sites. Thomas lays out the various ways WCH can be implemented while covering the cool cognitive features Watson brings to the software. From headless implementations to full web site creation with pages, components, and content using REACT or Angular, Thomas covers a lot in this video. So get out the popcorn and sit back and watch how cool WCH is and what it can do for your business.