The secret weapon of Luxury brands, can your CMS do this?

Differentiating yourself as a luxury brand is almost a necessity today if you want to stay in business. Managing the digital store experience across all channels should be able to be controlled using a single tool. This demonstration Coremedia did at DMEXCO 2018 in Europe is very impressive. With its physical layout of 5 giant flat screen televisions shadowing the main stage, they show the content variants the Coremedia Studio allows you to control for the various devices accessing the site.

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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store orders were up 73 percent from Thursday to Friday

The importance of omni-channel are clear, either you connect your web and physical presence or you will be left in the dust. More and more customers are ordering with their mobile devices or their web browsers and opting to pick up the product from the store.

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Elesa achieves 99% faster ordering process with IBM WebSphere Commerce

B2B can be antiqauted and even complicated, but not with IBM WebSphere Commerce…

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Use blockchain to improve efficiency and transparency in a coffee bean supply chain

I get a lot of queries on what IBM is doing with blockchain for Supply Chain. There are many use cases and this one is dead on; similar to the use case I outlined in my original post “The future of eCommerce is with blockchain“, tracking products from farm to market will be the new standard for consumable goods. Integrating this technology into an eCommerce website and order management system will be necessary in order to take full advantage of transparency, transactions, and ownership; empowering the shopper to make the best decisions on purchase.

If you could track exactly where consumable products you shop for come from and how long they have been in transit, would you?

Join this webinar on January 8th and see the developer code pattern used to create a blockchain application for a coffee retailer.

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The journey from mountaintop to countertop is long. Gaps in accountability and transparency open the door to delays and fraud. Enter IBM Blockchain. In this developer code pattern, we will create a blockchain app that increases visibility and efficiency in the supply chain of a coffee retailer, giving you a taste of a traceable, trackable coffee trade. See how blockchain can help farmers, roasters, and everyone in between bring you a fresher, fairer cup. – link


Live webcast January 8: Use blockchain to improve efficiency and transparency in a coffee bean supply chain

IBM Order Management Developer courses now available!

Order management is central to a true omni-channel experience. Whether your call center rep is fixing web carts or your store associate is checking out a shopper for a Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) order, they all need to be connected. Common pricing, promotions, cart, and access to the central customer profile is key to an omni-channel experience and today, it is expected.

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That’s not the weather man, that’s Watson

Happy Thanksgiving!

I figured I would post a funny exchange I had with my mother on Facebook. I am spending the holiday in Tampa, Florida and the weather has been beautiful. However, in Utica, NY we left on Sunday during a blizzard with over 4 inches of snow already on the ground. Needless so say it’s been great in Tampa, the only problem is my watch is programmed to give me The Weather Channel alerts based on my settings. Anyway, here is the funny exchange, my favorite part is her last response…

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 11.14.07 AM.png

45 million turkeys are being tracked by blockchain

Tracking food is going to be ubiquitous with shopping for groceries. Soon every piece of food will be tracked right back to the farm or the manufacturer. I wrote similar words two years and today it’s here.

About 200,000 of Cargill’s Honeysuckle White brand turkeys have codes on their packaging that consumers can use — via text message or on the Honeysuckle White Web site — to learn more about the farm, including its history, how it treats its birds – link

I created an iOS prototype that integrated with then the IBM Sharedledger, used the API’s to parse through the product history and display them to the shopper. Click the link below to read more on that:

The future of eCommerce is with blockchain