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Writer, learner, video creator of technical content and making eCommerce #iconic for all kinds of brands with the best content management system for commerce - CoreMedia.

Made Easy with CoreMedia: Shoppable Images & Localization

Making images into shoppable banners is a snap in CoreMedia Studio along with localizing that shoppable banner to a specific region. Whether your translation process is a manual process or you desire an automated service using API’s, CoreMedia Studio supports it.

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Come and see how IBM Watson Commerce can #beIconic with CoreMedia at #think2019

Going to IBM THINK in San Fran next week? If so, then keep reading!

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: eCommerce Catalog Integration

Integration between the eCommerce Catalog and the content management system is a must if you want to #beIconic and make your channel a seamless shopping experience blended with content.

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Made Easy with CoreMedia: Personalization

One of the most important integrations between a content management system and the eCommerce system is personalization. Being able to control your customer segments in a single place and use those segments and behaviors to drive the shopping experience is a goal most eCommerce managers wish they could consistently execute. In order to be able to do this you will need a pretty tight integration with the eCommerce segmentation or even an analytics or marketing platform along with letting your site managers be able to preview that content as the various customer segments you define.

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Top 5 reasons CoreMedia is the best brand management system for Omni Channel Commerce: featuring IBM Watson Commerce!

In this video I show the top reasons why CoreMedia is your best bet when it comes to integration with eCommerce systems. The integration shown is with IBM Commerce or also known as Watson Commerce and might possibly become HCL Commerce, so much of what I wrote in the previous post (Get the most out of your IBM Commerce investment) is demonstrated in this video.

Many times you see a “top” whatever post and they post their opinion without much depth. I wanted to take a different approach with this top five an actually show how easy it is to do these things with a first class content management system like CoreMedia. So yes, it is long, but trust me when I say it is worth seeing.

I would also like anyone who is interested, to get with me and the CoreMedia team at IBM THINK 2019 and come see a live demo at our booth, discuss making your brand iconic, or if you simply want an introduction pop me an email at bob.alfe [at] coremedia.com and let’s meet at THINK!

Goodbye Uber and AirBNB and hello innovation!

When I see something cool, I have to give it a plug on my blog so I can commit it to memory, this is one of those cool things…

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NRF Feedback series, hear what resonated at #NRF2019

The third and final episode has been posted to the play list, it is Day 2, part 2 with four new excellent answers from our partners!

The cast for Day 2, Part 2:

Stacey Trimnel-Richard – VP Global Marketing at Fluent Commerce
David Lebowitz – Business Unit Executive in Watson Customer Engagement at IBM
Julia Bensfield Luce – Head of content marketing at Simplr
Ross Collin – Chief Digital Officer at Cnetric Enterprise Solutions