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Watson Commerce v9 Distance Learning course available!

Our friends over at Royal Cyber produced an online learning course for WebSphere Commerce v9!


To facilitate and bring in-house teams onto v9.0 platform, Royal Cyber has put together a 05 Day – Developer Course which also includes Hands-On Labs, easy to follow all important aspects of v9.0 that your team would need to get started. They must also be conversant with the IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 & v8 solution architecture and programming environment. – link

Check out the five day agenda and learn how to develop for WebSphere Commerce v9 today!


Product Management made easy with IBM Digital Commerce

Followers of this blog have long seen me create and narrate many videos. They are raw, to the point, and often have me pausing, umming, and correcting myself. I follow the Watson Customer Engagement channel and today they released and really well thought out video that is under 5 minutes and explains the many areas of managing products in an eCommerce system. The Watson Digital Commerce platform has been ranked a leader for over 15 years by the Gartner and Forrest and when you see how simple it is to manage your products you will understand why. From mass imports, to product attribution (for faceted navigation and site search) to promotions, this video covers it all. Well done!

Shutterstock + IBM – Best in class content for the best in class Marketing platform

Peanut butter and chocolate, Bert and Ernie, and now, Shutterstock and IBM is the next greatest combination. Available now for Watson Content Hub, with IBM’s AI and the top quality content like images, video, and even music tracks, Shutterstock is tightly integrated into the IBM Watson Customer Engagement platform. Take a look at how AI makes finding professional content a breeze right in the IBM applications:

Companies are demanding SaaS like deployments, internally

If you are a large Fortune 500 company you have most likely invested billions in data centers, fail over, and your application deployment process. Long before things like Docker and containers, these companies hired top technical talent to make sure their applications scale and run smoothly. Then came DevOps and the race to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery(CI/CD) began.

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Easily deploy WebSphere Commerce v9 with IBM Cloud Private

Don’t have the skills to deploy and manage containerized applications in your data centers? Then you should take a look at IBM Cloud Private. With IBM Cloud Private or ICP, you can quickly deploy WebSphere Commerce v9 and immediately take advantage of containerization without being an expert in technology like Kubernetes, K8, or Vault.

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Mirakl gets it, do you?

Great blog post for where eCommerce is headed and you can read how pioneer and visionary Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of Mirakl, describes where the industry is going and why marketplaces are so important to eCommerce.

Take Walmart, they were able to expand their product catalogue by 4x in a single year through adopting the marketplace model. – link

Online catalogs are places where you sell products. They don’t have to be your products, they could be others products. By combining marketplaces and things like drop ship, your online catalog could be the entry point for thousands of products.  Mix marketplaces with differentiated experiential shopping interfaces and you have a very quick win.

Mirakl Marketplace Day-508799-edited.jpg

From Mirakl blog – link

In case you missed my coverage of Mirakl and IBM Digital Commerce, you can view the video below to understand how this combination will let you leap frog the competition.

Competitive markets demand competitive pricing

Are you having gross and net margin pressures in your industry? Having a hard time keeping pace with the competition? Take a look at this great interview Natalie Lamb, Vice President, Europe – Watson Customer Engagement, has with Paul Rodford, Finance Director at the Southern Cooperative, and learn how Paul and his team uses IBM’s Price Optimization offering to help them compete in a very competitive market.