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Writer, learner, video creator of technical content and making eCommerce #iconic for all kinds of brands with the best content management system for commerce - CoreMedia.

Made Easy with CoreMedia: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

In this video I show how simple the integration is between CoreMedia and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. All of the same integrations I have shown with the other platforms exist with SFCC. Take a look at this high level overview video of the integration.

One night: The difference between Uber and Lyft

Really not much to say here, exact time, two different routes and two different costs. Like everything else in life, when you know your options you are so much better off.  #beIconic

Made Easy with CoreMedia: Image cropping and sizing

Are you tired of having to use multiple tools for image handling for your various channels (web, mobile, in-store, etc)? Look no further than CoreMedia Studio!

The problem with images are all of the different ways that image can be surfaced to customer facing devices. The image needs to be cropped and sized appropriately for all rendering options and controlling that could be cumbersome. Take a look at this video to see how easily you can adjust crops and immediately preview them across devices and channels in a Salesforce Commerce Cloud site.


The Best CMS for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It is no secret that Salesforce is a driving force in the world of eCommerce. The popular CRM platform, partner eco-system, and the quality of their developer platform is proof of it. It is for these reasons why CoreMedia has a first class integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Agile CMS is here today

Back in November of last year Mark Grannan from Forrester wrote a piece titled “A Tantalizing Sequel To Web CMS Is Coming Soon” where he lays out the changing world of content management.

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Spring into action with Commerce Beans

I have been writing a lot about CoreMedia, the Studio, and of course the many cool features you have for your eCommerce integration; but one piece I have yet to mention is the underlying technology and architecture – which in many regards is even more impressive.

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Five phases of the Customer Experience Maturity Model

Our Co-Founder and CEO Sören Stamer explains the five phases of the customer experience maturity model.

1 – Getting the basics right – standardize on a omni-channel content strategy
2 – Customer experiences are fragmented, static and shopping sites should merge
3 – Instantly update physical and online content globally
4 – Take the experiences and make it dynamic – personalization, contextualized
5 – The physical and digital worlds are not separated.