Why IBM Digital Commerce is a game changer

By having things like a clear separation for the store front and a clear separation for customizations (the xC architecture) you remove 99% of that frustration going forward Continue reading

Poll: Do you have any idea what EventAdmin is?

After reading this post today and seeing some of the responses from the Eclipse community it would be interesting to hear from IBM customers and partners on whether or not they use or even know what EventAdmin is!  I have … Continue reading

Open Source

Open Source Projects (Author and contributor): Attachment Viewer for Lotus Notes – link install the widget from here – link Lotus Notes Mail Rule Utilities – link OSGI EventAdmin Bridge – link Multi-Database Search Plugin – link These projects are … Continue reading

A distributed EventAdmin service, connecting LotusScript with Eclipse Java, again…

I have written about inter component communication often on this blog – as the Property Broker is the key message queue for composite applications.  One article I wrote about; where you can use an EventAdmin bridge to get OSGI services … Continue reading

Using LotusScript to communicate with Java/Plug-ins

As many are aware, EventAdmin is a publish/subscribe event system that ships with Lotus Notes and is the primary communication mechanism used between OSGI plug-ins.  What is really missing in the Notes client is a pub/sub model to communicate between … Continue reading

EventAdmin bridge posted to OpenNTF

For all of you die hard Eclipse fans out there, I have published the EventAdmin to Property Broker bridge to the OpenNTF.  It’s now open source so have at it!  You may recall I posted two presentations and a short … Continue reading