This is big! Walmart, Sam’s Club Start Mandating Suppliers Use IBM Blockchain

You may recall, over two years ago (June, 2016 to be exact) I called this out on my blog post “The future of eCommerce is with blockchain“. And now it is here!

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Bob’s Top 10 eCommerce Trends for 2019

If you search the internet for the top eCommerce trends you will get a lot of different opinions, and I mean a lot. I have looked at many of them and I have also spoken with many customers and partners and I have decided to put together my own list of trends. Each one is arguable and to be honest they are not in any particular order, this is not a David Letterman top 10 (ok, I may have dated myself with that comment).

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Webinar tomorrow! Online Marketplaces Made Easy with IBM and Mirakl

Join digital commerce and marketplace experts from IBM and Mirakl to learn how you can easily turn your online store into a marketplace to offer more assortment without additional overhead, improve the customer experience, grow revenues and provide more opportunities for omni-channel customer interaction.

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Stretching natural language search by example, who does it best?

A few weeks ago I went online and rated some of the most popular sites for how well they do with natural language search. I wrote about the experience and even came up with a grading system and in the end most of the sites did fairly well.

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Omni-channel is real and if you aren’t doing it you are losing money

So many companies offer Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) or even ship from store today and it amazes me that so many companies are not. Extending brick and mortar presence (inventory visibility) to the web will increase in store traffic and sales. This also goes for call centers and support lines – can your customers order online and call in to change their order before it’s shipped or picked up in store?

A really good, related article is 5 reasons why retailers should embrace BOPIS.

Research shows the Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) option is responsible for nearly 30 percent of online retail revenue. – link

Below is a recoding of a a demonstration my team and I produced that shows a really good end to end story for a true omni-channel solution (Watson Commerce). One where each step in a campaign is controlled by lines of business users. Giving customers options like BOPIS gives your brick and mortar stores more traffic and more chances to give additional offers and incentives resulting in additional sales.

Taking control of your mobile and chatbot applications with Streebo’s DX Accelerator

In this Partner Connect video I demonstrate on how easy it is for a line of business user (no coding required) can completely script and control a chatbot for both web and mobile. The impressive piece is how easy this is and how simple it is to have your chatbot interface with native features of your mobile device, like the camera and GPS location.

See how you can create scripted mobile chatbots using nothing but IBM Forms Experience Builder and IBM DX as a line of business user with no coding!


“blue backpacks under $50” – Natural language search is changing the way we shop online.

The push to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) was really big a few years ago, today, it’s expected.

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