Dynamic Product and Content Collections

One of the things talked about at SAP CX Live conference this week in Orlando was product and content collections. While CoreMedia Studio lets you define static product and content widgets, it also supports rule driven product collections – or dynamic collections. This means, based on a rule you define, you can dynamically display products mixed with content.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.28.23 PM

Having a marketing or site manager be able to seamlessly integrate product catalog and creative content has always been a struggle . The tools in most of the top eCommerce platforms simply do not have the best user interfaces to blend products and content together.

The tight integration of the SAP Hybris eCommerce catalog and our CoreMedia Content Cloud enables products and content to be seamlessly combined on pages. CoreMedia Studio requests the products from the base category you specify and presents you with a list of facets and values you can select for collection. This enables you to define a collection of products from any level in the catalog and narrow it down by facet values. Watch this video to see how easy this is with CoreMedia Studio.

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