Book Review: The Alliance – managing talent in the networked age


This really is an excellent book from the start to the end. The fascinating stories about John Lasseter being fired from Pixar to the effects of “tours of duty” for employees and employers all resonated with me. My military background, the openness of communication described, and even my own career using social media to enhance my network and grow my personal brand were all covered in this quick read gem. The soft reference to Frans Johansson’s writings in The Medici Effect brought my thoughts immediately right back to that book – which remains one of my favorite books.

I highly recommend this book for all managers and employees looking to solidify their careers in a pragmatic way. Building their brand both internally and externally is almost critical in todays world. This book provides almost a blueprint for making all of this possible – retention and employee happiness can easily be achieved through open and honest communication.

Have to give thanks to Jim for recommending it!

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  1. The image links to the ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ audio book at iTunes. While this is an excellent piece, highly recommended to read, I think it is not intended…

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