Agile CMS is here today

Back in November of last year Mark Grannan from Forrester wrote a piece titled “A Tantalizing Sequel To Web CMS Is Coming Soon” where he lays out the changing world of content management.

agility-686631_1280A dog’s ability to jump through hoops, run across thin planks of wood or even do flips through raised hoops is pretty much how content managers have been feeling when it comes to supporting multiple channels with their content. The reality is, it doesn’t have to feel that way. If you find yourself moving between many tools to do tasks, whether those tasks are essentially the same or completely different per channel it doesn’t make you agile, it makes you nimble – and nimble breaks!

Agile content curation and orchestration across channels is almost essential today. The desire to support content across multiple channels has become quite a challenge for practitioners. The first hurdle is getting the various channel teams in sync to use an enterprise grade cross-channel content management system. This can be challenging in an organization and unless there is top-level executive support to encourage change, this is probably just a pipe dream to most organizations.

The CoreMedia Content Hub brings this management experience to a central application, the CoreMedia Studio. Giving the line of business users the ability to access content in a single repository and easily approve and schedule that content for delivery to multiple channels, in multiple geographies and in multiple languages.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.57.10 AM.png

A few short videos I have put together show how being agile across different channels, localization, and of course a “true content hub” experience is delivered with CoreMedia Studio.


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