The true value of professionals

I had the honor and pleasure of presenting with Russell Sherwin and Bryan Daniel this year at THINK. It was like any other presentation I have done in the past with these two but I don’t recall all three of us ever presenting together in a single session.

We had a prep call and it went something like this:

Russell : Ok, we have 40 minutes, I am thinking I do a quick intro, turn over to you guys to do your awesome demos, about 10 minutes each, what do you think?

Bryan: that sounds fine to me.

Bob: I am cool with that, so 10 minute time limit.

We had a recording at 8am the day of the demo in the studio pictured below. The amazing part was the recording crew states “you can start over if you make a mistake, don’t worry about“. We started, and after 40 minutes we did the entire recording in a single take.


Later that day we did the talk live in front of an audience and the feedback was great.

For a normal presentation there would have been many dry runs, slight touch ups, etc. For this one though, I knew I was working with masters of delivery and true artists in their fields. They understand the industry, the software, and most of all what resonates in the market today. Being relatively new to CoreMedia, I had no choice but to practice, practice, practice; and while we didn’t have a dry run together, I am sure each of us “practiced, practiced, practiced” in our own ways and that is why it went so smooth – because that’s what professionals do. Like I have always told my children:

Nothing comes for free and the things that people make easy have hours of practice and determination behind it.

There will be a recording of the demo/webinar that we will share once it is produced. I would like to thank Russell and Bryan for a great presentation and hopefully we can do something together again in the future.

In the mean time, if you are interested in seeing some of the things I showed with the CoreMedia Studio you can check out this playlist I created specifically for THINK:


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