Made Easy with CoreMedia: eCommerce Catalog Integration

Integration between the eCommerce Catalog and the content management system is a must if you want to #beIconic and make your channel a seamless shopping experience blended with content.

In this video I show how you can market and merchandize your site with content and products throughout. From creawting things like shoppable images being a snap to shoppable videos and product teasers, these tasks all depend on whether your eCommerce catalog integration is top notch. Using live API’s, the CoreMedia Studio has direct access to products and categories.

In this video I show how IBM Watson Commerce is integraged with my CoreMedia Studio. You will notice a very “natural” integration approach where product content and eCommerce assets show up like every other asset in the studio. While IBM Watson Commerce was used in this demonstration this does not limit your choices with CoreMedia. Make sure you see what other major eCommerce platforms we integrate with here.

Watch the video for how this works:

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